Microsoft Edge Secure Network VPN Service Powered By Cloudflare

Microsoft Edge Secure Network VPN Service Powered By Cloudflare Spotted In Support Post: Latest Updates

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Microsoft Edge Secure Network VPN Service Powered By Cloudflare Spotted In Support Post


• Edge Secure Network will provide data encryption and prevent online tracking.
• The Microsoft Edge built-in VPN service is not yet available to customers.
• The feature appears to be comparable to Cloudflare’s service


Microsoft appears to be testing Edge Secure Network, an additional security layer for the Edge browser that includes a built-in VPN supplied by Cloudflare. The extra layer of security and privacy to the surfing service was just discovered on Microsoft’s website’s support page.

The Microsoft Edge Secure Network feature is described in depth on the support page, which also explains the ways in which it provides greater protection. For the time being, there’s no way of knowing when the functionality will be available. The Microsoft Edge Secure Network VPN service is currently unavailable.

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It will come with a monthly 1GB free data limit with the user’s Microsoft Account, according to its support thread, which was first discovered by XDA Developers. The shield icon can be turned on to keep track of how much data has been used/left over the course of a month. It also includes the date for data auto-renewal.

As of currently, the corporation has not provided any information on the cost of a subscription for data usage over 1GB. However, it looks a lot like Cloudflare’s service. Microsoft has also provided a preview of how the Microsoft Edge Secure Network would work to preserve privacy on the support page.

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Microsoft Edge Secure Network VPN Service Powered By Cloudflare

The proxy stores just a small amount of diagnostic and support data, which is immediately destroyed after 25 hours. Even on public WiFi networks, this helps to keep the user safe by keeping crucial details hidden from prying eyes. The Edge Secure Network feature isn’t accessible yet, but the post explains how to use it. To enable the feature, users must first sign in to their Microsoft account, then click on Settings and More > Turn on Microsoft Edge Secure Network.

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Check the shield icon in the browser frame to guarantee your browsing experience is secure. When you close Microsoft Edge, however, the capability will be disabled. The user must enable it again during their next browsing session.

When you sign in to Microsoft Edge with your Microsoft account, your data is instantly synced. This includes browsing history, favorites, settings, data saved to fill out forms, passwords, and extensions, among other things. However, you can opt to switch sync on and off for each data type separately.

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