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Mia And The Dragon Princess Game: Latest Updates!!!

Mia And The Dragon Princess Game Updates: Ribs Interactive, Good Gate Media, and Dead Pixel Productions have declared another FMV activity experience game called Mia and the Dragon Princess for iOS, Android, control center and PC stages. Mia and the Dragon Princess follows a homicide secret avp game Who constrained us to go after Uncle Marcus? (Liberary) from Wales Interactive for similar stages. For control center, PCs and mobiles. Mia and the Dragon Princess highlight activity planned by Marcus Shakesheff (Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy), battle stunts and the acoustic activity made by the previous Taekwondo teacher Aaron Gassor, continuous trait following in view of your decision and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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In this experience you’ll direct Mia and determine her destiny as well as every other person. Each set has 10 unique closures and co-stars Chinese Kickboxing Black Belt Dita Tantang. Look at a screen capture above from Mia and the Dragon Princess. If you have any desire to attempt Wales Interactives an earlier delivery, you can get it here on the application store for iOS and on Google Play for Android. When the Mia and Dragon Princess delivery date comes up, you can want this to be on Steam. Ribs Interactive makes a few energizing declarations soon.


A surprisingly realistic, intelligent activity film following Mia, a brave barmaid whose life is tossed into tumult when a baffling lady turns up at her working environment, on the run from a gathering of fierce hooligans and incapable to communicate in English.

  • Highlighting activity planned by incredibly famous battle facilitator, Marcus Shakesheff (Wonder Woman, Hanna, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Pennyworth, Guardians of the Galaxy, Game of Thrones)
  • Featuring ‘Chinese Kickboxing’ Black Belt, Dita Tantang
  • Highlighting battle stunts by Taekwondo teacher and content maker with over 500M perspectives ‘Ginger Ninja Trickster’ also known as Aaron Gassor.
  • Constant Attribute Tracking that develops in light of your decisions and impacts the story
  • Multi-discretionary narrating with 10 unique results
  • Featuring Paul McGann (Doctor Who, Alien 3, Withnail and I), Brian McCardie (Time, Rob Roy) and My Anna Buring (The Witcher, Ripper Street), Dita Tantang and Noa Bleeker.

Mia dreams of experience, yet her sense of obligation to her coworkers – who have turned into her proxy family – keeps her working at a particular employment she’s exhausted of, carrying on with a day to day existence she didn’t need. At the point when a puzzling lady (Marshanda) turns up terrified and on the run, Mia’s choice to encourage her and attempt to find her character drives her down a way of interest, secret and risk.

At the point when a gathering of hooligans, drove by the discreetly startling, Walsh (Paul McGann) turns up at the bar, Mia and her collaborators are kidnapped alongside a gathering of clients. At the point when Mia’s chief, Matthew (Brian McCardie) is harmed, the stakes are raised and the battle turns out to be genuine when Mia and the gathering end up on the run and fighting for their lives.

The watcher’s decisions will direct Mia through the experience and will decide her destiny, as well as that of the entire gathering. All through the game, your associations could build your insight around the personality of the strange lady, however the manner in which Mia manages the remainder of the gathering will likewise have an effect, so every decision should be painstakingly thought of.


Mia and Dragon Princess are set to have a Q4 2022 delivery – kick-flipping its direction onto PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, X-Serie, Switch, iOS and Android. Ridges Interactive hasn’t yet delivered a trailer, yet on the off chance that FMV fisticuffs turn out badly, you can list of things to get the game on Steam.

Mia And The Dragon Princess Game
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