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Meet The ABO Members: The New IST Entertainment Group!

Meet The ABO Members: The New IST Entertainment Group!

IST Entertainment’s latest boy group, AB, will make their debut very soon! These boys would surely be held to a high standard, as they would soon be label mates with Apink, The BOYZ, and Weekly. However, fans believe that after watching them on the survival show The Origin- A, B, or What?

they will be able to do so with ease. The survival program started with thirteen players, and six of them would have to be eliminated in order to make it to the final seven.

Contestants Jeong Seunghwan, who came in first, Oh Junseok, who came in second, Seok Raekwon, who came in third, Ryu Junmin, who came in fourth, Bae Hyunjun, who came in fifth, Yang Donghwa, who came in sixth, and Kim Yeonkyu, who came in seventh, were chosen for the debuting boy group after the survivals finale.

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For the new boy group, IST Entertainment came up with the name AB. ‘At The Beginning Of Originality’ is the meaning of the group’s name. According to sources, IST Entertainment’s new boy group AB is expected to debut in the second half of 2022. You may start memorizing the names of the members of AB by then!


Junseok is AB’s senior member. Oh, Jun Seok’s full name is Oh Jun Seok, and he was born in the Pisces sign on March 3, 2003. He was one of the company’s very first participants. With 1710 points, Junseok took second place in the overall competition.

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Jay Park, a well-known rapper, and singer-songwriter is said to be his inspiration. He is well-trained in Taekwondo do and has won numerous medals before becoming a Kpop idol, which is an interesting truth about him.


Ryu Jun Min, the second eldest member of AB, IST Entertainment’s new group, comes up next. Ryu Jun Min was a former SM Entertainment trainee who was born on April 5, 2003. He appears to be a vocal force to be reckoned with!

He has three younger siblings, one younger brother, and two younger sisters, and used to play the Nanta instrument. He also wants to be known as “the nation’s first love,” because who wouldn’t want that moniker?


Bae Hyun Jun was born on June 6th and finished fifth overall in the survival show. He is a Gemini, and if pressed, he would characterize himself as a cloud. Hyunjun also has a younger sister and is a skilled harmonica player.

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Meet The ABO Members: The New IST Entertainment Group!


Yang Dong Hwa has an older brother and was born on August 19, 2009 (making him a Leo). He’d been training for two and a half years and could as well be the group’s visual. He has incredibly appealing eyes and a fantastic physique!

Seo Rak Won:

Seo Rak Won is a young model who was born on November 14, 2002. His MBTI personality type is INFP, and he is a Scorpio. With a total of 1520 points, he came in third place on the survival show. He was a former SM Entertainment trainee who had trained for two years and nine months. Another outstanding vocalist!


Jeong Seung Hwang was born in Busan, South Korea, on January 27, 2004. He has two older sisters. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. With 1760 points, Seunghwan has placed first in the survival show. Fun fact: He claims to be able to hold a ten-minute staring contest!


Kim Yeon Kyu, who was born on May 3, 2004, is the maknae of the IST Entertainment, AB group. He also happens to be a Taurus. Some may recall him as a Treasure Box contestant who was eliminated by YG Entertainment. He went to a Daejeon Dance Vocal Academy and trained for ten months under IST Entertainment. It appears like another talented maknae is on the way!

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