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Meateater Season 10 Part 2: Netflix Release Date & Latest Updates

Meateater Season 10 Part 2 Introduction:

Meateater Season 10 Part 2 Updates: Hunter, novelist, chef, and conservationist Steven Rinella travels to some of the world’s most remote and beautiful areas to bring game meat from the field to the table. The show follows veteran hunter and outdoorsman Steve Rinella as he travels the globe hunting and fishing popular game before preparing it for our viewing (and eating) pleasure. In 2012, The Sportsman Channel aired the inaugural season of “Meat-eaters.” However, as of Season 7, the show has been picked up and distributed on Netflix.

What Places Might We Expect To See In Meateater Season 10?

The type of content we’ll see in “Meateater” Season 10 is more important than when it debuts. Locations are crucial since they determine the sights that viewers will see as well as the animal Rinella will hunt and cook. Rinella has confined most of his hunting to the planet’s western hemisphere thus far. During the show’s nine-season run, almost every country in the Western Hemisphere has been visited.

Many of the best hunting spots in the United States have been visited before (often several times), and areas such as British Columbia, Mexico, and Bolivia have all been featured. Many hunting areas in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia have remained untouched by the “Meateater” crew, as has the unique species that dwell there.

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Meateater Season 10 Part 2

In Meateater Season 10, What Foods Can We Expect To See?

The biggest mystery of all is what meals will be served and featured throughout Season 10 of “Meateater.” As previously stated, Rinella’s hunting game is greatly determined by the locations he visits. Similarly, the food he prepares is primarily determined by the game he hunts. It’s an unpleasant situation that prevents “Meateater” viewers from tasting even a smidgeon of the show’s culinary offerings.

Rinella is sure to cook up some down-home dinners with whatever he decides to hunt, regardless of the game on the schedule. We can also be thankful that the show’s focus shifts from time to time, ensuring that we’ll see a diverse range of fish, poultry, and land animals prepared to perfection. The only thing we’re waiting for is Netflix to give the go-ahead for “Meat-eaters’” next round of exploits to be filmed.

Meateater Season 10 Part 2 Release Date:

The second installment of Steven Rinella’s MeatEater will be released on Netflix next month! On February 2, you’ll be able to watch as Steve embarks on new adventures with pals like Ryan Callaghan, Kimi Werner, and Jason Phelps, from South Carolina to Hawaii. Stay tuned for additional content from Season 10, Part 2—as soon as the episodes are ready, we’ll provide behind-the-scenes features on our website.

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