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Mattel will start selling SpaceX Toys and Memorabilia in the following year

Here are the latest technology updates today: Beginning next year, Mattel will sell SpaceX toys and memorabilia.

According to a joint press release on Tuesday, Mattel and SpaceX have signed a multi-year agreement that will see the legendary toymaker introduce goods “that inspire youngsters and collectors alike to tap into their inner space adventurer” (July 20).

Nick Karamanos, senior vice president of entertainment partnerships at Mattel, was quoted as saying in the joint press release, “We take pleasure in our ability to create goods and experiences that commemorate cultural moments and inspire humanity.”

“At a time when space exploration is advancing at a faster rate than ever before, we are happy to partner with SpaceX and support the unlimited play patterns for the space explorer in every child.”

Next Year, Mattel will begin Producing Matchbox Toys with a SpaceX theme:


At the same time, the business will introduce “Astro-inspired collectibles” on Mattel Creations, the company’s platform for collaboration and direct sales to consumers.

According to the vice president of SpaceX Brian Bjelde, “We at SpaceX feel that a future where humanity is out among the stars is intrinsically more interesting than one where we are not.”

In order to inspire the following generation of space enthusiasts and explorers, we are thrilled to work with Mattel. At the end of today’s session, Mattel is slated to release its second-quarter earnings.

Similar to its iconic G.I. Joe character, Hasbro is knee-deep in battle on several fronts and is two quarters into a strategic transformation.

The corporation is fighting three main battles at once, as shown by Hasbro’s second-quarter results: supply chain issues, the mounting effects of a strong dollar, and an ongoing digital transformation that has altered how consumers play, shop, and more.

On the quarterly earnings call held on Tuesday, July 19, Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks stated, “We see big opportunities to scale our franchise brands.” He added that for the three months ending June 26, Hasbro’s digital division, Wizards of the Coast, delivered its biggest quarter ever, breaking the previous record set by 15% growth in tabletop.

Growth of Magic:

The Gathering also encompasses the video games and tabletop editions of Dungeons & Dragons.

To promote space travel, Mattel has produced a variety of toys under its many brands, including Hot Wheels and Barbie. For instance, the toy company presently sells a Barbie doll that can fly and many Hot Wheels cars that are inspired by Mars rovers.

In an effort to inspire young women to pursue professions in STEM fields, Mattel announced in April that it would send two Barbie dolls to space in cooperation with the International Space Station.

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