Mandy Moore Welcomes Second Baby With Taylor Goldsmith: Latest Celebrity News!!!

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore Updates: The most recent celebrity news update has all the details on Mandy Moore welcomes second baby with Taylor Goldsmith. To know more about the latest recent celebrity news, read the entire article.

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Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith have had their second child, the actress revealed on social media on Friday.Moore, who announced her pregnancy in June, shared pictures of herself and her husband cradling Oscar Bennett Goldsmith on Instagram. She married Goldsmith, the lead vocalist of the rock group Dawes, in November 2018, and the couple welcomed their son August as their first child in February 2021.Ozzie has arrived! Oscar Bennett Goldsmith was delivered a little later than expected, but he did so with style and, much to his parents’ joy, had an easier or quicker delivery than his big brother.

Every proverb is true: the immediacy of the love is incredible, and our hearts have grown by two. He is incredible, and we are so thankful to have a family of four.Chrissy Metz, Moore’s former This Is Us co-star, was one of those who offered encouragement in the comments, writing, “Ozzie in the house! Congratulations repeatedly!

Earlier this month, Moore, 38, bid farewell to her role as Rebecca Pearson on the well-liked NBC drama, which ended its run in May after six seasons. She was nominated for a 2019 Best Actress Emmy for the role.Moore said in a May interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the finale of This Is Us that playing the show’s grandmother provided her early experience with motherhood.S

he remarked at the time, “I was a mom before I was a mom. “Now that I’m a real mom, it’s weird. I feel as though I kind of, sort of, know this role. And my son will undoubtedly attend therapy as a result of the several photos I shot of him nursing while wearing my old-age makeup.

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Mandy Moore

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