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Mali Conflict: Macron Announces Troops To Leave Nine Years

Mali Conflict Updates: Since 2013, the soldiers have been fighting against Islamist extremists in the country. Mr. Macron explained that his decision to depart was prompted by a breakdown in diplomatic relations, as well as increasing antagonism from Mali’s ruling military junta.

The military will be redeployed in the Sahel region of Africa. Mr. Macron told a news conference in Paris on Thursday that “we cannot continue militarily involved alongside defacto authorities whose strategy and underlying ambitions we do not share. “He denied the mission was a failure and stated that France was still committed to fighting Islamist insurgencies in the region.

He went on to say that Niger has agreed to take in part of the retreating forces. “IN this international mobilization in support of the Sahel, France has played a uniting role,” he said. “We shall maintain our function as a unifying force.

“Following a meeting of European and African leaders at the Élysée Palace on Wednesday night, the planned withdrawal was announced. It is expected to take four to six months.

According to the BBC, one guy said it would “bring calm to the north of our country because Russia and Wagner will undoubtedly support our army,” while another called the French intervention in Mali “a fiasco.

“Others, on the other hand, voiced concern that the situation was “worsening. “Just yesterday, in the northern region of Mali, there was an attack… Our troops are stationed in the heart of the city. According to reports, the army is gaining ground. AS Western forces go, Mali’s security future is uncertain.

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mali conflict

By Beverly Ochieng, BBC Monitoring in Nairobi

The withdrawal of the French and Western military from Mali has heightened fears that the country’s security vacuum could further destabilize the region. Following a breakdown in diplomatic ties and harsh discussions, the pullback comes as public patience wears thin after nearly a decade of counterinsurgency operations against alQaeda and Islamic State extremists.

The controversial deployment of Russian mercenaries in Mali has exacerbated tensions and does not guarantee that the coming security gap – which has been exacerbated by rising Islamist attacks – will be filled. The planned coordinated departure by France and the West may be an attempt to avoid the kind of chaotic exit seen in Afghanistan.

In addition, the removal of Western forces, which has long been a desire of Mali’s AL Qaeda terrorists, may open the way for peace talks to end the violence. Mali’s uncertain security future is exacerbated by the country’s political and economic isolation as a result of international sanctions.

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