Macbook Pro (2021) Users Complain Of Crackling

Macbook Pro (2021) Users Complain Of Crackling, Popping Noise When Playing Sound

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Macbook Pro (2021) Users Complain Of Crackling, Popping Noise When Playing Sound


• Users of the MacBook Pro (2021) have reported the issue online.
• The issue affects both the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021).
• Previous MacBook Pro models had experienced similar concerns.


Users of the MacBook Pro (2021) have reported hearing a crackling and popping noise when playing music or any other sound. The problem appears to have affected a large number of customers since there are numerous reports outlining the issue on both the Apple Community site and Reddit.

It is also not confined to a single MacBook Pro (2021) model, as some customers have reported it on the 14inch model while others have reported it on the 16inch model. However, Apple has yet to formally acknowledge the problem.The cracking and popping audio appears at random when music, film, or any other sound is played on the MacBook Pro, according to user complaints on the Apple Community forum and Reddit (2021).

When the volume level is high or the machine is playing a high-pitched sound, it becomes more noticeable to consumers, yet the strange audio can be heard even at moderate volume levels for some users. Since at least January, a number of people have complained about the problem. When they contacted an Apple service center, several of them were able to acquire replacements.

However, replacing their existing units with new ones did not assist because the problem persisted for the majority of consumers. Despite the fact that user complaints about the crackling and popping audio issue affecting MacBook Pro (2021) models date back to earlier this year, 9to5Mac has brought it to light with a report based on a video that depicted the issue.

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The problem appears to be caused by a software defect, as upgrading the hardware hasn’t remedied the issue for many customers. A Reddit user also mentioned that the speaker crackling was caused by a process called “CoreAudio,” which they were able to fix by terminating it using the Activity Monitor app.”Your sounds should entirely stop after you exit the process.

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The system will restart the core-audio process, which should run smoothly “a user stated Apple has been contacted for comment on the situation, and Gadgets 360 will update this item if the firm responds.This isn’t the first time we’ve seen problems with the MacBook Pro (2021) models, which were released in October of last year. Some MacBook Pro (2021) 16inch owners complained about MagSafe 3 charging in December.

In the same month, several MacBook Pro (2021) 14inch and 16inch users experienced accessibility concerns with SD cards.Audio issues such as crackling and popping are not new to the Mac industry, since they have been reported on previous MacBook Pro models.

Apple admitted in an internal memo in 2019 that the crackling and popping noises coming from the older 16inch MacBook Pro were caused by a software problem that will be fixed in a future macOS release.

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