Love of Kill Anime: Here Are The Most Recent Updates!!

Love of Kill Updates: The 2015 mystery manga by Fe is finally being adapted into an anime after much anticipation. Love Of Kill will be adapted into an anime in December 2020, according to the original announcement. The creators have released a fresh teaser for the series eight months after the announcement. LOK is a nine-volume suspense manga published in October 2015. The prints were published and distributed all throughout Japan by Media Factory.

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So, if you’ve been waiting for word on the anime adaptation, your wait is over. Fans can’t get enough of the teaser that was recently released by the producers. So, without further ado, here’s all you need to know about the upcoming anime remake.

Plot Summary & New Teaser For Love Of Kill Anime

Love Of Kill Anime follows two assassins who meet in the same office, according to the official synopsis. Their first encounter may have turned into a lifelong feud between them. After fighting Chateau for the first time, though, Ryang-Ha has deep feelings for her. As a result, their thrilling adventure begins right now. As the story progresses, we learn that the two assassins have a shared history, which could lead to a rift.

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Nonetheless, the majority of the plot of Love Of Kill Anime is made up of their murder schemes. The storey of the interaction between Ryang-Ha and Chateau is also shown in the new video by Platinum Vision Studio. The 90-second clip brilliantly sets the stage for a fantastic venture, with a peaceful background score.

Cast and Characters Of Show

The casting details for Love Of Kill Anime are currently unknown. Only Saori Onishi’s role as Chateau Dankworth has been confirmed by the producers. Additionally, Ryang-HA Song will be played by Hiro Shimono. Apart than them, the filmmakers haven’t revealed any more casting news. This also explains why the creators aren’t revealing the names of the characters that may appear in the anime.

Hideaki Ohba, the series’ director, is part of the Platinum Vision Studio crew animating the series. The story’s originator is identified as author Fe. Ayumu Hisao, on the other side, is responsible for scriptwriting. Furthermore, the anime’s character designs are overseen by Youka Satou. Kei Yoshikawa is in charge of the composition of the music. Finally, the theme songs will be performed by Toy’s Factory and Miracle Bus.

Release Date Of Love of Kill Love of Kill

For the time being, the anime’s creators have only given a rough release date. Fans are still hoping for a firm release date. The anime Love Of Kill is scheduled to premiere in 2022. Because the teaser has already been released, it appears that the anime will be available for streaming between Winter and Spring of 2022. Let’s see if there are any further official announcements.

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