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Love(ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 Episode 16 Recap and Ending Explained

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Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 Episode 16 Recap: The finale opens up in the home of Seo Ban and Dong-mama, with the messengers of death close by. Website design enhancement Ban lets his dad know that he might want to move out with Si-eun as he detects that he inclines toward Pi-youthful. He feels hurt by his dad.

However, at that point, the dad uncovers that Pi-youthful is pregnant, which is the reason he’s taken additional consideration of her. Obviously, this seems OK for Seo Ban, who likely thought he had blown up.

In the interim, the apparition of Song Won asks the harvesters of souls for what reason they are here, however they won’t tell her who they are taking from this life.

A-mi tells Yu-sin what Dong-mi did to his dad, i.e., spilling over him with greasy food varieties until he had a cardiovascular failure. Yu-sin can’t comprehend how he might have been beguiled after such a long time. A-mi communicates how she can at this point not live with Dong-mi and snatches her bag.

Yu-sin attempts to explain to Dong-mi about the day his dad had a cardiovascular failure, however, she stays away from the inquiries and secures herself in a room. Yu-sin orders her to be committed by the emotional wellness division to remove her, and Dong-mi is upset.

Si-eun tells Pi-youthful she’s pregnant, and the two ladies are eager to have this experience together. Later on, Si-eun goes out for a feast with Seo Ban, and she lets him know she is five weeks pregnant. Search engine optimization Ban can scarcely trust it. And afterward, she tells the dad, and he’s likewise astonished.

He’s presently going to have two grandkids. It’s a close-to-home time for the family, and they choose to celebrate while the messengers of death sit close by, observing eagerly.

Hye-ryung is still in the clinic in the finale, while Sa-hyeon’s family thinks about what to do straightaway. The specialist tells Sa-hyeon that Hye-ryung’s concern is neurological, and she really wants to defeat it. Pi-youthful and Si-eun visit her, and Hye-ryung accepts she’s perishing when she isn’t.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 Episode 16 Ending 

Love(ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 Episode 16

The closure of season 3 is very befuddling, and it’s presumably the most arbitrary finale of all time.

The messengers of death follow Dong-mama all over the place, recommending he is the objective. As he takes a gander at the garments, a portion of the roof implodes and hits him on the head. He tumbles to the floor, and blood pours down his head. The series then shows Seo Ban having a wedding with Song Won. It then bounces to Sa-hyeon kissing one more lady in the bath.

In the interim, when Hye-ryung gets back from the emergency clinic, she sees the small kid’s soul and requests its name. She can see the kid, however, no other person can. The youngster lets the family know that “they will grab the elderly person.” In the rescue vehicle, Dong-mama awakens and asks the soul harvesters what their identity is.

The finale will set off numerous feelings — outrage, disarray, and mistrust that the story has even gotten this far.

Additional Points

After their unexpected experience, Ga-receptacle and Hae-ryun choose to make up for lost time over drinks. They discuss accommodating, yet Ga-receptacle perceives herself as a swindler with an inner voice.

Hae-ryun requests to meet Si-eun. He needs to move into their old condo, yet she’s as of now leased it out, so she advises him to track down a spot for himself.

Yu-sin runs into Pi-youthful and learns she is pregnant. He’s in shock, so he pursues her, yet Pi-youthful doesn’t have any desire to talk.

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