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Lost Ollie: Here Is The Latest Updates!!!


Lost Ollie Updates: Shannon Tindle is the creator of the upcoming American live action/computer animation television series Lost Ollie. Ollie’s Odyssey, written by William Joyce in 2016, served as the inspiration for the Netflix original series.

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William Joyce’s Ollies Odyssey, a compilation of children’s stories, served as the inspiration for Lost Ollie. The bestselling Santa Calls series was also created by Joyce. His accolades include the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, which he both nominated for and won (The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mrs. Lessmore). He is regarded as one of the top writers of children’s literature.Billy, a small boy, and Oz, his toy, at the centre of Lost Ollie. Billy has several toys, but Oswald the stuffed rabbit is his favourite. He allows Oswald (Oz) to go with him wherever.The disliked vs the loved rivalry between Zozo and Oz is intensifying.

When Zozo sees Oz, he is reminded that he is the toy that wasn’t selected at the theme park. Zozo is so enraged by the rejection that he sets out to punish each and every one of Billy’s favourite toys. At a wedding, Zozo notices an opening and seizes it when Oz is abandoned under the table.Oz is inspired to take action when he learns he isn’t the only “lost” toy Zozo and his crew are holding hostage. He needs to free the other prisoners as well as himself.CASTS: Ollie is a handmade toy bunny made out of scraps that will be voiced by Jonathan Groff, who is wellknown for his roles in Mindhunter, Hamilton, and Frozen. Ollie never misses an opportunity to make friends since he has a kind soul and a golden heart. Since he can remember, he and Billy have been great friends, but one day he finds himself in a secondhand store without anywhere to go. Ollie puts on a brave front despite his fear of the unknown and goes off to find Billy, whereupon he meets other toys that ultimately lend a hand. Billy, a young boy with a mind filled with creativity, will be played by Kesler Talbot (Deliver by Christmas). His toy Ollie, a handcrafted bunny made by his adored mother, has a special bond with him and joins him on all of his journeys. When Ollie goes missing, Billy sets out on a search quest to find him.Zozo, a clown doll who is both an old toy and an even older spirit, will be voiced by Tim Blake Nelson, last seen in HBO’s Watchmen. After meeting Ollie and hearing his story, Zozo agrees to help Ollie on his adventure.

Lost Ollie


No release date or trailer for Lost Ollie has been revealed yet, but it has been confirmed that the production has been wrapped up.The series is expected to release in early 2022, so we are hoping to see updates very soon.

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