Los Espookys Season 2 Series: latest Updates!!!

Los Espookys Season 2

Los Espookys Season 2 Updates: Los Espookys is an American comedy television series that was created by Ana Fabrega, Fred Armisen, and Julio Torres. In the episode, a group of friends tries to turn their love of dread into a successful enterprise.

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Creating horror movie settings and convincing others that they are real is the bulk of their work. The show has the perfect blend of comedy, horror, and mystery.


Los Espookys Season 2’s storyline will surely continue from where Season 1’s cliffhanger did.

In the first episode of the television series Los Espookys, we witnessed four friends establish a new company based on their shared passion for horror. A woman by the name of Los Espookys terrifies five people who are expecting to earn a millionaire’s money by spending the day at his eerie estate.

Following a series of events, they attempt to revive some extinct extraterrestrial species and create false dreams for a sleeping patient. Sounds absurd, huh?

Just what we were hoping for in season 2!

We are quite excited about the return of the critically acclaimed and highly popular television series. The Show has a remarkably high 82% weighted average rating on Metacritic and a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Due to the continuous pandemic, the series dragged on, but we may anticipate more of the interesting interactions and stories from the second season.


·       Andrés, Renaldo’s best friend, believes Julio Torres to be the heir of a chocolate dynasty.

·       Renaldo, played by Bernardo Velasco, is a fan of horror who forms Los Espookys with his buddies.

·       Cassandra Ciangherotti plays the role of Renaldo’s companion rsula. She is sensible, practical, and straightforward.

·       Tati, Ursula’s slow-witted sister and the designated test subject for Los Espookys, is played by Ana Fabrega.

·       Uncle to Renaldo and Tico, Fred Armisen is a dependable and committed worker for a valet parking company.

·       Carol Kane portrays American film director Bianca Nova, who is old and all but forgotten.


Sombra del Agua, the water spirit, will make a comeback as Spike, the other Einbinder. The episodes of this season will be directed by Fabrega, a Tati actor, and Sebastián Silva. HBO will broadcast the Los Espookys season two premiere on Friday, September 16, at 11 p.m.

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Los Espookys Season 2

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