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Log Horizon season 3: About Come On Platform! Release Date, Cast Info & What we know so far

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Log Horizon season 3 Updates: is one of the Japanese manga series. It is in the genre of adventure, fantasy and science fiction drama. Fans are much excited to watch this anime series. This series was directed by Shinji Ishihira and was written by Toshizo Nemoto. People welcomed this series very much.

This series was licensed by Madam Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, and MVM Entertainment. NHK educational TV is the original network of this series and Anime Network is the English network of this series.

Log Horizon season 3: Plot

In this series, there was a universe where 30,000 Japanese players and several hundreds of thousand players worldwide are in a fantasy online game world called Elder Tale.

There was a main character in this story Shiroe and he teams up with his old friend Naotsugu. Another character emerges in this story named Akatsuki and he was an assassin.

The entire story revolves around him in an interesting manner. It is expected that the forthcoming season will also be interesting and entertaining for the viewers.

Log Horizon season 3: Cast

Log Horizon season 3

There were so many leading voice characters in this series and some of the voice characters include Shiroe is voiced by Mike Yager, Nyanta is voiced by Joji Nakata, Nyanta is voiced by Jovan Jackson, Shiroe is voiced  by Takuma Terashima, Naotsugu is voiced by Tomoaki Maeno, Akstuski is voiced by Emiri Kato, Ashlynn is voiced by Krystal LaPorte, Touya is voiced by Daiki Yamashita, Minori is voiced by Nao Tamura, Marielle is voiced by Yumi Hara, Henrietta is voiced by Ayahi Takagaki, Misaki Kuno is voiced by Serara, Isuzu is voiced by Eriko Matsui, Lenessia is voiced by Mariya Ise, etc, and may other new voice characters were also included in this series.

They had play their role in a very professional and befitting manner. Due to which this film received various acclaimed and good reviews from the critics and the viewers.  Therefore it is also expected that in the forthcoming season, all the cast and characters will definitely played their role in an interesting and befitting manner.

Log Horizon season 3: Release date 

This series was released on 5 October 2013. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the third season and there was a scheduled release date for this series.

The third season is set to be released on January 13, 2021.I am sure this series will be fixed on the same fixed date.We will surely update each and every single updates. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. It is also requested to share this video and stay tuned for more updates.

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