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League of Legends – Yone Game: Latest Updates, Launch Date, Gameplay, Characters, and More

League of Legends – Yone Game: Latest Updates

The Unforgotten Yone He is now compelled to wear the demonic mask of a spirit that once pursued him after his half-brother Yasuo killed him. In an effort to comprehend who he has become, Yone explores the earth hunting for demons to slay.

A melee assassin with amazing burst mobility and high damage who plays in the top or middle lanes. He can completely harass the opposing back line and carry League of Legends games with ease in the right hands and with adequate understanding.

This guide will outline Yone’s skills and suggested Top-Laner playstyle, as well as suggest summoner spells, rune pages, and item builds.

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League of Legends – Yone Game Plot

League of Legends - Yone Game

Yone lived by a rigid code of duty and honour. His love for his family inspired him to take on the role of protector even as a young child, in no small part due to the death of his father.

This was in stark contrast to Yasuo, his half-brother, who was brash and irresponsible in contrast to Yone’s patience and control.

Nevertheless, the two became inseparable, and Yasuo followed Yone when he started his studies at the prestigious sword school close to their village. Yone frequently had to control his younger brother’s immaturity when they were in training.

Yone gave Yasuo a maple seed—a symbol of humility—instead when he declined Elder Souma’s personal mentorship as the master of the fabled wind technique as a show of support and encouragement.

The wise master’s judgement worried Yone, who was proud of his brother but worried that Yasuo’s impetuous disposition might cause him to perform poorly in school. However, Elder Souma was a well-respected person who made wise choices.

Yone set aside his worries and carried on practising with dual blades, his skill swiftly winning the respect and awe of his fellow students.

Although Yasuo’s usage of the wind technique made their sparring sessions a sight to behold and a joy to the brothers themselves, Yone’s skill was unrivalled and their skill was unmatched. But the happiness was short-lived. It was war in Ionia.

As the Noxian forces drew closer, Yone and numerous other followers withdrew to defend against them, while Yasuo unwillingly remained to guard his teacher.

The Characters 

League of Legends - Yone Game

Noshir Dalal provides Yone’s English voiceover. Prior to this, Dalal had minor roles as antagonists and supporting characters in games like Death Stranding and Gears of War 4.

He also provided the voice of Zeyad Khalil in the Call of Duty series and Charles Smith in Red Dead Redemption 2. In television shows like Westworld and Hawaii Five-O and video games like Spider-Man PS4, Dalal has taken on a variety of roles. Dalal earned a degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester.

He is a man with a variety of abilities, which undoubtedly includes his range as a voice actor. It’s fun to hear him cry out the Champion’s attacks in the genuine anime style while playing the part of Yone. It’s difficult to dislike the performance, especially when Dalil seems to be enjoying himself so much.

Launch Date

Yone is presently absent from the PBE and will re-join Yasuo on the Summoner’s Rift on Thursday, August 6, with patch 10.16.

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