Lazor Wulf Season 2: Finally Coming The Second Episode?

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Lazor Wulf Season 2 Updates: is one of the interesting American animated TV series.  This series was created by Henry Bonsu and it was developed by Henry Bonsu and Daniel Weidenfeld. Henry Bonsu is the director of the series.

The United States is the country of origin and English is the original language of the series.  There are totally 2 seasons with 11 episodes and each episode runs up to 11-12 minutes.

Henry Bonsu, Carl Jones, Daniel Weidenfeld, Scott Greenberg, Joel Kuwahara, Vince Staples, Keith Crofford, and Walter Newman are the executive producer of the series.

Jason Stiff, Ollie Green, Aubrey Danielson, Matt Salkin, and Duncan Ferguson are the producers of the series.  Titmouse Inc., Bento Box Entertainment, Six Point Harness, and Williams Street are the production companies of the series.  Warner Bros. Television Distribution is the distributor of the series and Adult Swim is the original network of the series.

Plot Lines Of Lazor Wulf Season 2

This series is all with the adventures of a wolf with a laser on his back and also his friends.  And in the second season, revolves around the Stupid Horse which receives an upgrade that was after the major injury.  This will be continued in the sequel part of the series.


Lazor Wulf Season 2

Cast and Characters Of Lazor Wulf Season 2

There are many main cast and characters are there in this series they are Vince Staples as Lazor Wulf, J.D. Witherspoon as Stupid Horse, Ettore “Big E” Ewen as Canon Wulf, Andre Pascoe as King Yeti, Reginald VelJohnson as God, Quinta Brunson as Blazor Wulf, D.R.A.M. as Wallace, Henry Bonsu as Various and many other members will also be introduced in the sequel part of the series.  The first season’s episode has a unique title and that mentions the whole episode of the series and the same in the second season also.

Release Details

The first season of this series was released on 7th April 2019 and the final episode of the first season was released on 5th May 2019. The second season’s first episode was released on 31st March 2020 and it takes a long break and the second episode was now planned to release on 7th December 2019.

I hope fans of this series will be satisfied with this information and stay tuned for more updates.

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