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Laverne Cox And Alok Join The Trevor Project And UGG For A Panel Discussion On Mental Health!!!

Laverne Cox Updates: E! Therapy and other mental health treatments continue to be severely stigmatised, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community, despite greater dialogue and access for individuals.

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What advice would you give those who are unsure of how to get past that and look for any necessary assistance?

LC: You just have to get past the stigma, in terms of that, I suppose. It’s crucial to keep in mind that our bodies and minds are one and the same. People need to begin considering mental health as a component of general wellness.

We have a responsibility to look after ourselves. As I become older, it’s becoming more apparent in my health.

It’s what my therapist refers to as an excess of survival energy. As LGBTQ+ people who have experienced difficult settings, here we are.

If you were bullied at school as a child, like I was, and your mother blamed you for it when you got home, as she did with me, then you’re just constantly in that survival mode.

That is what I have discovered. I’m discovering new strategies for fostering resilience at the age of 50. Going from what’s wrong with me to what’s happened to me to what’s right with me is how my therapist describes it.


LC: I also received consecutive As in school at the time I was bullied as a child. I enjoyed standing in front of everybody, and I enjoyed summarising the Sunday School lesson in church. I adored performing in talent shows and dancing. I had my own little fantasies and dreams. I was able to survive thanks to those items.

The imagination is resilient. The realm of a dream is resiliency. It’s crucial to accept that without denying it, especially at this time. Finding that resiliency is simply really crucial.


Alok: The LGBTQ+ youth of today, in my opinion, are incredibly savvy and clever about what’s best for them. I believe that counsel from my younger self would be helpful to me.

The Trevor Project, in my opinion, is so great because it forces us to consider LGBTQ+ youth as leaders of their own lives and chroniclers of their own struggles.

There are already bills aimed at young people, but to emphasise Laverne’s point, it’s also crucial to develop methods to continue practising joy.

Laverne Cox

My home is Texas. I was only there to voice my opposition to anti-trans measures. A young trans person approached me brandishing a wand that had been painted in the transgender flag’s colours.

They said, “I’m bullied a lot at school.” I therefore take on the role of a wizard with magical skills who can halt it. I wanted to offer this to you because I know that you encounter bullying as well.

Because trans elders are battling every day, young people are standing up for them, and sometimes I get a lot of my motivation from them. I find it to be lovely.

What’s so amazing about that is how fearless my younger self was in so many situations because I didn’t know any better. I was unaware of and ill-prepared for the evils of the world.

Although I lacked the cognitive capacity to fully comprehend the various stages of trauma, the coping methods were excellent.

They were creative and in dreamlike settings, and there was a certain kind of blissful innocence in this very amazing youthful amazement. People frequently ask me that question, and I adore the way it was rephrased.

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