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Kyle Chalmers Of Australia Has Threatened To Quit Swimming Due To “False Healines”

Kyle Chalmers Updates: In the latest sports celebrity news updates you are going to get all the information about Rumors of a conflict between McKeon and Simpson are labelled “false news” by Kyle Chalmers. Learn more about celebrity news today by reading the full article.
Kyle Chalmers claims that a media smear campaign based on a made-up love triangle has made him feel victimised and that he nearly gave up swimming.

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The Australian swimming sensation claims that media outlets are exploiting him by utilising reports about his connections with Emma McKeon and Cody Simpson as “clickbait.”

McKeon and Chalmers dated last year but broke up; McKeon is now Simpson’s partner.

Chalmers told reporters on Saturday night, “It’s all just bogus news that is actually just rubbish, it’s honestly just a pile of shit that is not true.


However, other tabloid stories focused on Chalmers, depicted as a dumped lover, who was said to have ignored McKeon during the post-race festivities.

Chalmers stated, “I definitely said congratulations.” I actually approach the competitors and congratulate them across the pool if you watch the race back. McKeon concurred.

She acknowledged his compliments after Australia’s women’s 4x100m freestyle relay team won another gold, saying, “He did.”

As a member of Australia’s men’s 4x100m freestyle team on Saturday night, Chalmers also took home a gold medal.

Simpson also received a gold medal for his swim, since the famous swimmer received a gold for participating in the event’s heats.

After the race, I sent Cody a note wishing him luck and congratulating him on a job well done, Chalmers said. “I only attempt to view things positively.

“I support him joining the team, but readers once more are solely interested in sensationalism. It’s sad that I am currently unable to take any action.

I find it wonderful that he is here. It’s great for our sport since it draws in new spectators. It is amazing what he has accomplished in just two years of swimming.


“He said, You people [the media] don’t really understand the influence you have on players. We’re stepping up to perform for not just ourselves but also for our country, and you guys can have a big impact on that.

And after the trials, I really took some time to consider whether I wanted to keep competing in sports because, in my opinion, I had given everything to both my country and my sport. You folks want to focus on the negatives once more instead of the benefits.

You can try to discredit me all you want, but it will only work for so long before I quit speaking to the media.

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