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Kim Yeoshin: Seija The K-Pop Killer And Why Is She Called The K-Pop Killer!!!

Kim Yeoshin Updates: Every single day, the Kpop industry expands tenfold. Each month, a slew of new Kpop groups and soloists debut, bringing thousands, if not millions, of new fans into the fold. Furthermore, the Kpop music industry is regarded for being far more rigid and well-organized than any other kpop group on the planet. Long and incredibly arduous music periods are required of kpop idols, during which they are honed to perfection.

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The agencies do not allow the idols to debut unless and until they are ready. Another important aspect of the Kpop industry is ‘fan service,’ which is when Kpop idols do or say things only for the enjoyment of their fans. Fan service, on the other hand, is typically innocuous, and can range from Kpop idols doing aegyo to showing off their abs.

Sometimes fanservice entails kpop idols flirting with other kpop idols, which might be awkward for them. Some nasty Kpop fans demand that their celebrities never date and make their life a living misery in the name of fanservice. With millions of catchy songs, interesting choreography, and stunning kpop idols, the sparkling Kpop industry also has a sinister side.

Toxic suicides, beauty standards, racism, and, most importantly, stalking culture are all examples of this. Because the Kpop fandom is predominantly made up of young people, many fans grow delusional and believe they are entitled to the idols’ lives. Kpop stalkers are awful monsters, from installing spy cameras in their toilets to threatening family members.

Even scarier, as revealed by a former stalker herself, these stalkers bribe staff employees in order to gain intimate information about the Kpop idols. A Kpop killer is even worse than a Kpop stalker! Selja, the K-pop assassin, enters the picture at this point. If you want to learn more about Selja, the k-pop killer, keep reading!


Selja is the disgraced EXO-L, or should we say pretend EXO-L, for BTS ARMY, who spread horrible rumours and even death threats against BTS members. Many believe Selja, the K-pop killer, to be the most terrible aspect of the genre.

Kim Yeoshin

Selja, the K-pop murderer, has lately been in the news when an anti-BTS Twitter account, thought to be Selja, released a photo of guns with the comment that they would kill BTS member Jimin. Kim Yeonshin is her real name, and some assume she is from North Korea, yet little is known about her.

While there are little facts concerning Selja the killer, there are several claims about the horrific things she has done to Kpop idols.


Selja, The Kpop Killer’s name has lately resurfaced due to her weird claims about BTS’ Jungkook attacking fans and threatening to kill Jimin, but she has a lengthy history in the Kpop industry. It will send shivers down your spine to learn what Selja the Kpop killer has done.

In addition, Selja The Kpop Killer is linked to the sad accident that claimed the lives of two members of the Kpop duo Ladies Code, EunB and RiSe (RIP). U-Know Yunho is linked to another event involving Kim Yeoshin or Selja, the kpop killer.

He is the leader of TVXQ, a Kpop boy band from SM Entertainment. Selja is accused of putting glue in U-Know Yunho’s orange drink, causing him to be sent to the hospital. Selja has been accused of poisoning a number of Kpop stars over the years.

The cops are on the lookout for her at all times, but they won’t be able to apprehend her until they have strong evidence. A BTS fan was recently confused for Selja, the Kpop killer, however our investigation revealed that this claim is untrue.

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