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Kim Garam Leaves LE SSERAFIM: HYBE TERMINATED Her Contract

Kim Garam Leaves LE SSERAFIM: HYBE TERMINATED Her Contract: Celebrity news today: Kim Garam, a member of LE SSERAFIM, has reportedly left the group and her exclusive deal with HYBE and Source Music has been canceled.

On Wednesday, July 20, the record companies released a joint statement to confirm Kim’s departure from the group and to outline their future intentions for the K-pop girl group.

Soon after Source Music was acquired by HYBE in April of this year, the 16-year-old singer was introduced as a group member. In May, LE SSERAFIM made its debut with the release of its first mini-album, “Fearless.”

Former IZ*ONE members Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon, Produce 48 contestants Huh Yunjin, Hong Eunchae, and Kazuha were also in the group. What Caused the Contract Termination of Kim Garam?

Group LE SSERAFIM Star Kim Garam Exits

Kim Garam

Kim was charged with student bullying while attending middle school not long after it was revealed that she would be making her debut with LE SSERAFIM in April.

One student who claimed to be the singer’s classmate stated that she had often tormented younger kids, while another claimed that Kim had smoked and drank while still a child.

According to a second report by KBIZoom, one accuser sent messages that they claimed were from Kim and that purportedly showed her cursing at another student and threatening them for not answering their phone.

In a statement at the time, HYBE and Source Music refuted the accusations and stood up for Kim, announcing that they will take legal action against those who made them.

The two companies went on to say, “We believe that the allegations are deliberately meant to hurt the talent who is ready to make their debut.” We would like to inform you that Source Music has filed a lawsuit in an effort to stop the dissemination of false allegations and inaccurate information about this situation.

The record labels then released a joint statement on July 20 informing the public that Kim’s contract had been terminated.

We sincerely apologize to our supporters and to those who have shown love and support for the band for worrying you with the member’s controversies.

With five members, LE SSERAFIM will continue its activities, and we will do everything in our power to assist the group in developing as musicians and performers. I’m grateful. Today’s celebrity news.







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