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Khaby Lame Reportedly Becomes Most-Followed Tiktok Video Creator!!!


Khaby Lame Updates: On TikTok, Khaby Lame has surpassed popular video creator Charli D’Amelio with 142.8 million followers.•Khaby Lame, a TikTok user, was influenced by stars like Will Smith.


Khaby Lame Updates: With 142.8 million followers on the shortform video hosting platform TikTok, social media star Khaby Lame has set a new record. According to Variety, Lame has surpassed Charli D’Amelio, a wellknown TikTok video maker who currently has 142.3 million followers.

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The 22yearvideos old’s feature reactions to ridiculous lifehack videos as well as him replicating the video to demonstrate an even simpler and more sensible hack.Lame’s videos don’t contain any conversation and are known for performing a number of comic routines. But he has become one of the most wellknown and respected TikTok creators worldwide thanks to his unique straight faced emotions and body language.

Khaby Lame


Lame said he was “passionate about entertaining people and making them laugh” in an official statement published in 2021, according to Variety. “I have always loved to amuse people and make them laugh, and I am grateful to TikTok for giving me a platform where I can share my enthusiasm with the rest of the world. I will keep pursuing my goals knowing that I have a lovely community ready to support me. You all have my sincere gratitude.” Read the declaration as it is cited by Lame. According to Variety, the famed TikTok developer took inspiration from many cartoons as well as celebrities like Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, and French actor Omar Sy. When asked which of the many pieces of content he had produced was his favourite, Lame responded that “all of his videos” had made him happy.”I don’t really have a favorited. I adore each and every one of my films, and they have all made me happy “the 22yearold remarked. Variety stated that Lame’s first popular video, which went viral, was posted in November 2020 and seen more than 17 million times. Lame was shown reacting in the brief footage to a life hack when a man locks a woman’s backpack to a pole. Lame demonstrated how the woman might free herself by simply taking off her rucksack using his distinctive expressions and movements.After being asked to leave his factory workplace during the COVID19 outbreak, Khaby Lame released his debut video on YouTube in March 2020. He currently claims of having 78 million Instagram followers in addition to his 142.8 million TikTok followers.

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