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Kazuki Takahashi: Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga Comic Creator Found Dead In Sea At 60


According to the coast guard, the 60yearold died purportedly while snorkeling not far from Okinawa Island’s southernmost point. The man was located off the coast while sporting a snorkel, fins, and dive mask, according to a city of Nago official. We are investigating the matter as a probable accident and criminality, he said. YuGiOh!, which translates to “King of Games,” tells the tale of spiky-haired teen Yugi who, after receiving an ancient puzzle, discovers his inner Egyptian pharaoh.

Then he utilises games to settle conflicts. It was published in the Japanese comic magazine Shonen Jump from 1996 and 2004, and a real-world trading card game was made from it in 1999. Konami, the game’s developer, claims that after ten years of sales, the game holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular trading card game ever with more than 22 billion cards sold.

The franchise grew to include figurines, books, video games, and toys. NHK claims that Takahashi was found 300 metres offshore. His discovery happened on Wednesday, and his identification happened on Thursday. It is currently one of the most lucrative franchises ever. The series expanded to include a number of TV shows, manga spinoffs, and video games. Notably, Guinness World Records has declared the trading card game—in which players compete against one another—as the best-selling game ever.

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Takahashi has maintained control of the tenets of the comic through his Studio Dice imprint. Iron Man and SpiderMan are featured in the manga graphic novel Marvel’s Secret Reverse, which was only released two weeks ago. Despite the fact that there are billions of YuGiOh! cards in use worldwide, “YuGiOh!” made its debut in Shonen Jump magazine in 1996 and quickly gained popularity, selling more than 40 million copies of manga.

In 1999, the official card game’s sales started. A TV show, video games, and toys were also part of the brand. An outpouring of grief was seen on social media. Eric Stuart, an American voice actor who provided the voiceover for the cartoon, expressed his regret over the situation. “A person who is exceptionally gifted.

Stuart stated on Twitter that Sensei, the Japanese term for “teacher,” “created a persona that would help define my voice acting career.” International enthusiasts posted their cards and manga illustrations online. Others shared how they first became interested in Japan in this way.

People discussed how the cards had helped them form their first friendships. “We are sincerely grateful for the amazing ‘YuGiOh!’ universe that he has built, and our sympathies are with his family and friends at this dreadful time,” the London-based YuGiOhNews account wrote on Twitter and on its official website.

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