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Kansas Tornado Inflicts Heavy Damage And Leaves Thousands Without Power

Here Is The Latest Update About Kansas Tornado that Inflicts Heavy Damage And Leaves Thousands Without Power

According to an Oklahoma Highway Patrol report, Nicholas Nair, 20, of Denton, Texas, Gavin Short, 19, of Grayslake, Illinois, and Drake Brooks, 22, of Evansville, Indiana, died in the crash just before 11:30 p.m. Friday.

According to the investigation, the three were in a vehicle being driven northbound on Interstate 35 by Nair when it hydroplaned and was hit by a tractor-trailer rig in Tonkawa, Okla., roughly 85 miles north of Oklahoma City.

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A tornado was videotaped ripping through Kansas, with images showing cars crumpled into buildings and residences without roofs.Severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued for Midwest states such as Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska by the National Weather Service (NWS).The mayor of Wichita estimated that 50 to 100 structures had been damaged, with the suburb of Andover taking the brunt of the damage.So yet, no significant injuries have been reported

Despite the scale of the destruction to buildings and cars, local officials maintained there had been no deaths at a press briefing on Saturday morning.”The good news is that we haven’t discovered any more injuries than we discussed last night,” Fire Chief Chad Russell told local media.

“We have no reports of fatalities…we have no outstanding rescues, so we don’t know of anyone stuck in a structure who is waiting for us to rescue them right now.””Right now, everything is going as smoothly as it possibly can given the circumstances,” police chief Buck Buchanan stated.

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Both men stated that evaluations of the situation were still underway, with planes and drones being used to evaluate the damage. Due to downed electrical lines, both urged anyone who wished to aid to stay away from the area.The tornado ripped over Andover, smashing buildings and flinging debris into the air, as seen in incredible images and photos posted online.

Over 22,000 people were without power immediately following the tornado, according to the Energy outage map. According to the National Weather Service, Kansas lies in the center of “tornado alley” and one of the most tornado-prone areas in the world. According to NSW data, the most tornadoes occur between mid-to-late April through mid-June.

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In 1991, a series of catastrophic twisters struck Andover, killing 17 people and injuring 225. One of 55 tornadoes that formed from Texas to Minnesota, the EF5 tornado had a path of 69 miles (111 kilometers).

“As a result of the storm that rocked the Andover region this evening, the Andover YMCA branch experienced considerable damage,” the Greater Wichita YMCA wrote on Facebook.”We are grateful that no one was hurt among the staff and members who sought refuge in the branch during the storm.”

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