Kampala Uganda: Three killed in Explosion.

The Incident

Kampala Uganda: Tuesday morning the Ugandan Capital Kampala witnessed two explosions which rocked the city centre within 30 minutes; this information has been given by a journalist and a police officer who were present there at the scene of one of the blasts.

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There were two blasts that happened in which one of the explosion rocked near the Central Police Station and the other near the Parliament.  The back to back blast has cost the life of 3 police men so far and has injured more than dozen of a people.

The cause or intentions behind the two explosions were not cleared immediately as no group has claimed the responsibility of the act.

Kampala Uganda

Traffic restricted

Following the deadly explosions back to back that rocked the capital city, the traffic in Kampala has been severely restricted and the authorities are urging people to stay inside their homes for a while and workplaces to be closed off and the area should be left empty.

Several ambulances at the blast site were deployed by the Army personnel and Police as they also cordoned off the streets.

As per the photos and videos out on social platforms, images showed several people lying on the streets near the entrance of the Central police station following the blast.

Authorities have reported to the media that majority of the injured people are from police department and have been rushed to hospitals for providing them with immediate care under the doctors and medical professionals.

At Parliamentary Avenue as well, where the second blast happened,  all streets are cordoned off by the security and all the staff inside the parliament from legislators to other parliamentary executives or staff have been so far evacuated.

Not the first time

Last month also, Uganda witnesses an explosion in its capital city of Kampala which killed one person and also injured many innocents. According to Reuters, For that explosion Islamic State claimed the responsibility.

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