Kamala Harris, Vice President

Kamala Harries, Vice President For The United States Listed Out Her Accomplishments And Failures Since Taking Over The Office.

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Interview By CBS

Kamala Harries Updates: It is soon going to be a year of Vice President Kamala Harris since she took the charge at the office as the vice president of the United States. During all this year while serving as the vice president for the United States, she traveled to a lot of countries in order to boost America’s ties with them. But at this time, she actually pointed out the mistakes or the failures she had faced since she took over the office.

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Kamala Harris is an interview which she gave to the CBS news, actually talked about quite a number of issues including whatever she has accomplished up till now. The Interview is kept for being aired this Sunday and CBS tweeted to inform.

In the pre-recorded clips of the interview, into which the vice president is asked about “What do you think, as you come to the end of the first year, what do you think is your biggest failure which you faced at the point?” To this question, she replied “To not get out of DC (Washington) more.

Harris is currently spending the holidays in Los Angeles after testing positive for the virus, she quarantined herself to which she recovered and tested negative on Wednesday, however, her office said that she will be tested again on Monday, for further confirmation. Harris was fully vaccinated and has received her booster shot and was tested on a daily basis as per the white house protocols.

Kamala Harris, Vice President

AFP reports

Recently, AFP reported that Kamala Harris, the vice president for the United States is now getting more sidelined, because of the strained relationship with the members of President Biden’s office and is still finding her place at the office. The reports like this were based on the exits of her communication director Ashley Etienne and spokesperson Symone Sanders.

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