On Friday, Kalki 2898 AD director Nag Ashwin released a new trailer that divulges far more information about the movie than any of the previous ads. If you look attentively, it gives away a lot about the parts played by Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, and Kamal Haasan. Here is a breakdown of the five hints the trailer’s creators included.

They say the whole universe resides in God, Ashwatthama (Amitabh) appears to tell SUM-80, aka Sumathi (Deepika), at the opening of the trailer. However, God is present in your womb.

 The next scene shows Ashwatthama helping SUM-80 get out of a car, even though it isn’t made clear that they are speaking. The character’s name and the conversation both indicate that Deepika’s unborn child would be Kalki, the avatar who will bring an end to the Kali Yuga. This is also hinted at by the song that plays in the trailer.

In the teaser, Ashwatthama appears to be mourning his past while promising to defend SUM-80 and her child. He even battles Bhairava (Prabhas), who is only thinking about how he may get to the Complex with the help of the bounty on her. 

In one scene, Bhairava is seen shoving Ashwatthama, and we switch to a wartime flashback in which the latter is in a similar circumstance. Later in the teaser, there’s a shot showing Uttara’s (Malvika Nair) infant son being slaughtered by the Brahmastra in the Mahabharata because of Ashwatthama.

The episodes involving Bhairava and Ashwatthama demonstrate how enormous the former is. Like a Telugu hero, he can effortlessly toss multiple people with a single flip of his palm, but in this case, it makes sense. 

Though Bhairava fights him for the bounty, it appears that she needs creative methods to do this. In one image, he is seen donning boots that help him move faster, and at the end of the teaser, he is seen controlling a large mecha to level the playing field—possibly a BU-JZ-1 dubbed Bujji.

Peaking about Supreme Yaskin at Kalki 2898 AD’s pre-release event, Kamal remarked, “I’ve always wanted to play the bad guy, but I don’t play a run-of-the-mill character here.” He’s almost as wise as a stone, but he has a poor idea. We worked out a suitable appearance for him because I didn’t want to appear pregnant in the movie. 

But nobody anticipated that, despite being connected to cables, he would actually appear like a sage and have withered away. When Yaskin states, “Despite endless opportunities spanning over generations, man fails to redeem himself, and he never will,” it is also apparent that he views himself as superior to all other people.

Yaskin appears to be artificially impregnating women at the Complex against their choice, despite his “sage-like” demeanour. In one image, a woman is shown screaming in agony within a pod while a device pierces her abdomen. 

In the previous picture, SUM-80 and a few other females may be seen observing with fear in their eyes. It’s implied that SUM-80 became pregnant here as well before deciding to flee the Complex, maybe to Shambala, a kind of Shangri-La for rebels and refugees.

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