Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Season 3 Series: Latest Updates!!!

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Season 3


Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Season 3 Updates: Fans of “Kaguyasama: Love is War” have been left in the dark about when they’ll find out more about the romcomstyle anime’s blossoming romances, just like the main characters. “Kaguyasama: Love is War,” according to Anime News Network, is based on the bestselling manga of the same name, which was ninth on the list of bestselling volumes in Japan in 2019. Since then, the show has attracted both Japanese and English-speaking admirers.

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While “Kaguyasama: Love is War” largely follows the original manga, it does so in chronological order rather than the order in which the story’s events are presented in the source material. This is due to the manga’s extensive usage of flashbacks to specific events in Kaguya’s and other characters’ pasts, which are subsequently blended into the anime for a more linear narrative. On Reddit, one fan even created a helpful graph that shows which chapters are included in which Season 1 and 2 episodes. The “Cell Phone Arc,” which comprises of Chapters 100 and 101, was the manga’s penultimate major plot point in Season 2. As a result, viewers can expect to see events such as the midterm exams from Chapter 105, the rap fight from Chapter 108, and possibly even the various Christmas parties from Chapters 149 to 156 that were portrayed in Season 3 among many more.

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Season 3


While fans are unsure what is causing the third season’s delays, some Reddit users suspect that it may be due to the show’s insistence on using the same voice actors. If the series has slowed down production to ensure that all of the characters are voiced by the same actors, fans should have a good idea who will feature in “Kaguyasama: Love is War” Season 3. Alexis Tipton will play Kaguya, with Aaron Dismuke playing Miyuki, her romantic interest and occasional opponent, if the production waits until all of the same actors are available before dubbing the next season. As Kaguya’s associate Chika, Jad Saxton will repeat his role. While Austin Tindle, who plays Yu, the reclusive underclassman with a stunning emo hairstyle, will reprise his role. Amanda Lee, who also goes by the stage name AmaLee, may reprise her part as Kaguya’s longstanding personal assistant Ai, while Bryn Apprill will almost certainly reprise her role as Nagisa, Kaguya’s personal confidant. The intended English dub cast includes Ian Sinclair as the show’s narrator and Brandon McInnis as Tsubasa, also known as Kashiwagi’s lover.


Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say how the ongoing global COVID19 outbreak has influenced the development of “Kaguyasama: Love is War,” but the series could debut in the fall or winter of 2021. It will most certainly premiere in early 2022 if it misses either of those release dates.

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