Kabul Blast: Teenagers Taking A Practise Test Are Killed In The Kabul Test!!!

Kabul Blast

Kabul Blast Updates: Here Is The Latest World News Update Today About Teens taking a practise exam were killed in a bombing in Kabul. Read full article to know more about this news.

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Police and witnesses report that at least 19 persons, the majority of them female students, were killed in a suicide strike at a tuition centre in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

At the Kaaj education centre in the western Dasht-e-Barchi neighbourhood of the city, about 30 other people were hurt. At the time of the bombing, students were taking a mock university exam. The attack has not yet been claimed by a group.

The Hazara minority, which makes up a large portion of the population, has frequently been singled out by Islamic State (IS) terrorists.

Rows of covered bodies were spread out on the floor in what appeared to be scenes from a nearby hospital in video that was broadcast on local TV and posted on social media. The private college’s damaged classrooms were depicted in other media as having debris and overturned tables.

Looking for her sister at one of the hospitals, a lady told the AFP news agency, “We didn’t locate her here. The woman was 19 years old.


A bomb was reportedly exploded in a classroom after the attacker entered and shot at security personnel outside the centre.

Eyewitnesses informed the BBC that the most of the deaths were young women because they were in the front row and close to the explosion.

There were approximately 600 individuals in the room when the attack took place, according to a student who was hurt and spoke to AFP.

Friends and family members have been searching for their loved ones in the capital’s hospitals. Private college teaching both male and female students is called the Kaaj tuition centre.

Since the Taliban regained control of the nation in August of last year, the majority of girls’ schools have been closed, however several private institutions are still operating.

The third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan is the Hazaras, the most of whom are Shia Muslims. They have long endured persecution by the Taliban, a Sunni Muslim group, as well as the regional ISKP branch of Islamic State.

The Taliban’s interior ministry spokesman announced on Friday that security troops were on the scene and denounced the attack.

The enemy’s inhumane cruelty and lack of morality, according to Abdul Nafy Takor, are demonstrated through attacks on civilian targets.


In a tweet, Karen Decker, charge d’affaires at the US mission to Afghanistan, said that targeting a classroom full of students who are taking exams is shameful. All students should be able to pursue an education in peace and without fear.

After the fighting subsided following the Taliban’s takeover, the security situation in Afghanistan had improved. However, in recent months, attacks on both civilians and Taliban supporters have worsened the situation. Some of them have been claimed by IS, the Taliban’s sworn enemy.

A number of attacks, the majority of which are believed to have been the work of IS, have targeted schools and hospitals in the Dasht-e-Barchi area.

Before the Taliban took back control of the country last year, a bomb attack on a girls school in Dasht-e-Barchi left at least 85 people, primarily children, dead and hundreds more injured.

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Kabul Blast

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