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Johnson Pledges UK Support If Sweden Were To Be Attacked!!!

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Johnson Pledges UK Updates: Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, paid a visit to both countries to sign the agreements, which came amid debate over their membership in NATO. In the event of a crisis, the pacts state that Finland and Sweden will aid the United Kingdom. Given Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Mr Johnson and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson said cooperation was “even more crucial. “IN a joint press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, the second agreement was announced. Mr Johnson said the UK and Finland’s “solemn declaration” reflected the “severe difficulty of the circumstances we live in.”He stressed that the agreement was not a “short term stopgap” while Finland pondered joining the Nato defensive alliance, but rather a “long-term assurance between two nations.

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” When asked if “British boots on the ground” would be deployed in Finland in the event of a conflict, Mr Johnson said military help would be provided, but the “kind of that assistance” would be determined by the “request of the other party. “Mr Johnson went on to say that the deal would serve as the “basis of a broadening of our security and defence engagement in other areas. “Mr Niinistö thanked the UK for its “strong support” of Nato’s open-door policy toward Finland’s possible membership. He claimed that joining Nato would not be “against anyone,” and that the UK arrangement was designed to “maximise our security one way or another” while considering membership. When questioned if the probable decision would provoke Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr Niinistö stated that if Sweden or Finland joined Nato, Russia would be responsible. He claimed Russia was implying that the two countries lacked their “own will” by threatening them with membership. “They are preparing to invade their neighboring country, therefore my response would be, ‘You caused this, look in the mirror. ‘If Sweden was attacked and sought to us for help and support, we would deliver it,” Mr Johnson said earlier in Sweden. When asked by the BBC what the UK would do if Russia invaded Sweden, Mr Johnson said the agreement meant that “upon request from the other party, we would come to the aid of the other party.” Ms. Andersson maintained that the mutual assistance arrangement with the UK would make her country safer, adding: “Of course, this is significant. Whatever policy choices we make in Sweden, this is critical.

Johnson Pledges UK

“She also stated that the country was “exploring all potential alternatives,” with NATO being one among them. Finland claims that joining NATO is primarily about defence. Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, does not agree. Nato’s eastern expansion has always been a source of concern for him.Finland and Russia share an 800mile (1300kilometer) border, pushing the alliance’s military strength even closer to Moscow. Nato’s eastern flank and presence in the Baltic Sea will be strengthened by the addition of Finland and Sweden. The Kremlin has also promised to retaliate. Some believe it will use targeted nuclear weapons. However, according to Finnish diplomats I’ve spoken to, Russia’s military hands are full in Ukraine and it will instead focus on cyber and disinformation tactics.

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