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Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’s Relationship History

On Wednesday, Kate Moss will testify in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, after the Aquaman actress mentioned the model during her testimony.

Since Heard brought up Moss during her questioning on May 5, speculation has swirled that the British supermodel will be called as a witness for Depp, with his side hoping she would refute Heard’s charges.

Heard testified that she hit Depp during a dispute in early 2015 because she was afraid the actor might throw her sister Whitney Henriquez down the stairs, who was present at the time. “I’m not hesitating, and I’m not waiting.”

“I immediately thought of Kate Moss and stairs in my brain, and I swung at him,” Heard claimed in court, referring to a rumor she alleged she heard about a fight between Depp and Moss.

“Did you think he was going to toss your sister down the stairs as he did Kate Moss?” On May 17, during cross-examination, Depp’s lawyer asked Heard a question.

The actress said, “I’ve heard a tremendous rumor about that.”

Moss was previously cited during Depp’s defamation trial in the United Kingdom against News Group Newspapers, the owner of the UK daily The Sun.

We dissect Kate Moss’s relationship with Johnny Depp in this article.

What was the First Time Johnny Depp and Kate Moss Met?

Johnny Depp
Showbiz Cheat Sheet

One of the most renowned celebrity couples of the 1990s was the supermodel and the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

When Depp was 31 and Moss was 20, they met at New York’s Cafe Tabac in 1994.

Depp had broken up with his fiancee, actress Winona Ryder, whom he had dated from 1989 until 1993, the previous year.

George Wayne, a Vanity Fair columnist, claims to have introduced Moss and Depp.

As Kate and Naomi [Campbell] went into the room, the GW grabbed them and introduced them!”

When Kate and Naomi [Campbell] walked in with The GW, Johnny was having dinner in the back, and The GW grabbed her and introduced them!” Wayne wrote on Instagram in the third person, referring to himself.

“I had no clue they’d wind up being the IT couple for seasons, wreaking havoc in hotel rooms all around the world throughout their still-legendary relationship!”

“I knew we were going to be together from the first moment we talked,” Moss later told People of their strong connection.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp Dated for How Long?

From 1994 through 1997, the couple was together. They were known for traveling the world together and attending celebrity events and premieres.

What was the Nature of Their Relationship?

Johnny Depp
The Independent

Moss and Depp’s jet-set lifestyle and heavy partying garnered plenty of headlines during their romance.

After an altercation with Moss in September 1994, Depp was arrested for criminal mischief after trashing his room at The Mark Hotel in Manhattan.

Moss was in the room, and Depp was found “in a state of suspected intoxication,” according to officers who arrived at the scene.

The accusations were ultimately dropped, and the actor was ordered to pay $9,767 in damages to the hotel.

Moss celebrated her 21st birthday in 1996 by throwing her a party at the Viper Room, a famed Hollywood nightclub that he owned at the time.

Depp and INXS leader Michael Hutchence played onstage together, but the show was stopped short when Neighbours actor Jason Donovan overdosed and passed out during the celebration.

After being brought to the hospital, Donovan later stated in his 2007 biography, Between the Lines: My Story Uncut, that he later apologized to Depp, who said, “That’s cool, don’t worry.”

We’re just glad you’re all right. Now, take my advice and go to your room, get some rest, and please, for the love of God, take it easy in the future.”

When Did Johnny Depp and Kate Moss End Their Relationshp?

Johnny Depp

In 1997, they broke up. “I was so stupid,” Depp admitted to Hello! the following year, “because we had so much going for our relationship.”

It is incumbent upon me to accept responsibility for what occurred.

I was a difficult person to get along with, and I allowed my work to prevent me from giving her the attention she needed… I’ve never been so worked up about a woman in my life.

It was all absurd because I shouldn’t have gotten so fired up with what people said about my work,” she says.

Sure, I should care about my movies, but I should strive to put them away when I come home.

I couldn’t do it, and it was a nightmare to be around. Believe me when I say I’m a complete moron at times.”

Is It True That Moss and Depp Reconciled?

Johnny Depp
New York Post

After they were seen together at the Cannes Film Festival in 1998, rumors of a reconciliation began to circulate.

They had checked at The Portobello Hotel in London’s Notting Hill earlier that year and purchased 36 bottles of champagne to fill the bathtub, according to reports.

“It was not her,” her spokeswoman later told The Independent. It wasn’t Kate, and it certainly wasn’t her style. She no longer stays at the motel.”

Moss spoke to Vanity Fair in 2012 about their romance and breakup.

“There has never been someone who has actually cared for me.” Moss said, “For a while, Johnny did.” “It’s as if I were to ask him, “What do you do?” and he would respond.

That’s what I missed when I moved away. I’d entirely lost faith in myself and my ability to trust others. Crying for years and years. Oh my goodness, the tears!”

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