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John Wick 4 Teaser was released at San Diego Comic-con the movie is due out in March 2023

Here are the updates of ‘John Wick 4’ only on Premiere next Page. Read the full article to know more about this series.

As a sneak peeks of the upcoming fourth episode in the action film franchise was presented during a San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday, Keanu Reeves stunned the audience with a brand-new look at “John Wick,” hinting at the tremendous fight scenes to come.

The trailer, according to The Hollywood Reporter, depicts Reeves’ Wick pounding a roped pole while the once retired hitman is overheard being warned that “No one, not even you, can kill everyone,” and questioned, “Have you given any consideration to where this ends?”

Reeves’ Wick is seen battling several bad guys and using various weapons, including nunchucks, throughout the entire teaser. Later, when Laurence Fishburne’s Bowery King asks Reeves’ Wick, “You ready, John?” Wick replies, “Yeah.”

At cinema-con earlier this year, a sneak peek of the John Wick 4 was initially released.

John Wick 4

One of the objectives for the fourth movie, according to Reeves and director Chad Stahelski, was to “keep finding fresh and exciting ways to have John Wick suffer.” That’s where the action comes from, Stahelski said at the time. Discover a way to make him suffer, then plan backward.

A rousing burst of applause greeted him before he began to speak about the movie, which was filmed in Berlin, Germany. “Actually, it’s been pretty cool.

The internationalization of Wick was incredibly enjoyable “Reeves revealed to the panel in a clip that Lionsgate released.

The first peek was provided to participants of Collider’s “Directors on Directing” session on Friday night during a discussion facilitated by editor Steve Weintraub. Chad Stahelski, the director of John Wick 4, also came, and Reeves, 57, stunned everyone by joining them.

Reeves chuckled as he came out of the dressing room, “sorry to crash the party, they put me out here”

John Wick 4

After only 10 days of release, the preceding movie in the series surpassed all other action movies in terms of box office earnings. The original John Wick, which concluded its 2014 run with USD 88.7 million globally, and “John Wick: Chapter 2” both collected USD 171.5 million at the global box office, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie “John Wick 4” is scheduled to premiere on March 24, 2023. A fifth installment in the series will be released, Lionsgate announced on an earnings call in August 2020.

The fourth and fifth films, according to the film studio, will be shot concurrently.

After being delayed from its original May 22, 2022 release date, John Wick: Chapter 4 will now be released in theatres on March 24, 2023. Follow Premiere’s next website for the latest upcoming series updates.

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