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Jiu Jitsu: Nicolas Cage Fight With Alien! Release Details, Cast Info, Plot and Trailer

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Jiu-Jitsu Updates: is an American film. It is in the genre of action and fantasy movies. English is the original language of this movie and the United States is the country of origin. This movie was directed by Dimitri Logothetis.

Dimitri Logothetis and Jim McGrath are the writers of this movie. Music was composed of Mocean Worker. Gerardo Madrazo is the cinematographer of this movie. Danny McDonald is the editor of this movie.

Martin Barab and Chris Economides are the producers of this movie. Highland Film Group, Coprod Media, International Limited, DoubleTree Entertainment, and Acme Rocket Fuel are the production company for this movie.

Vasilina Mikhaylova is the animator of this movie. Avenue Entertainment is the distributor of this movie. Fans are waiting to watch this movie.

Plot Lines Of Jiu-Jitsu

The story of this movie focuses on one of the people named Jake Barnes. He is a fighter and a Jiu-Jitsu fighter. He was wounded in battle and suffered from severe amnesia.


Another character emerges in this movie named Wylie. He is also a fighter. Jake Barnes is rescued by Biju and Jiujitsu fighters after a brutal alien attack. This will also continue in the sequel part of this movie.

Cast and Characters Of The Show

There were so many leading characters in this series and they are Alain Moussi acted as Jake Barnes, Frank Grillo acted as Harrigan, JuJu Chan acted as Carmen, Tony Jaa acted as Keung, Nicolas Cage acted as Wylie, Rick Yune acted as Captain Sand, Marie Avgeropoulos acted as Myra, Tommy Walker acted as Private Tommy, Ryan Tarran acted as Brax, John D. Hickman, Rigan Machado acted as Victor, Dan Rizzuto acted as Franz, Jack Kingsley acted as Hector, etc. Many other cast and characters are also included in the supporting role in this film.

Release Details

Fans are much excited to watch this series. This movie was scheduled to be released on November 20, 2020. There is an extraordinary trailer clip and it is available on YouTube. So fans and viewers can take an overview of this film by watching this trailer. I hope the movie will be released on a fixed date.–nKvkeQdY

So let us wait and watch for enjoyment. We will surely update each and every single update. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information.

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