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Jessi Left P Nation, But Why? Zoom Hitmaker Explains The Cause For Sale!!!

Jessi Updates: One of the most frequently asked questions in the k-pop fandom is “Why did Jessi leave P Nation?”. K-pop singer Jessi’s agreement with P Nation expired on July 6, 2022. Despite the expectation of many fans for the idol to extend her contract and continue working with PSY, one of the most adored k-pop idols, Jessi chose to work with another idol.

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She made the decision not to have her P Nation contract renewed. The entire fandom was shocked when the entertainment firm went on to provide the official notice of Jessi’s departure. As many admirers continued to question Jessi about her choice, she clarified the situation.

Jessi joined P Nation in 2019 and worked there for 2.5 years after signing the contract. P Nation made the formal statement that their exclusivity agreement with Jessi has come to an end. Jessi joined P Nation at the beginning and is the organization’s first artist.

They are extremely sorry that she is going. P Nation and Jessi have come a long way working together. The business then wished Jessi success in her future and urged the audience to support her choice.


The news that Jessi was quitting P Nation was unexpected, as many fans expressed. P Nation, a K-pop collective led by PSY, is well-regarded in the industry. After receiving numerous texts and social media tags from her followers, Jessi responded to the query that same day. Jessi further urged followers on Instagram to refrain from speculating or spreading rumours about the departure.


According to Jessi, she has nothing against P Nation, and she actually likes and respects everyone she has worked with. Jes’si pleaded with the supporters to give her some time to recover and gather her thoughts, saying that the truth would surface in due course.

Since 2005, Jes’si has been working in the Korean entertainment sector, but she recently said that she wants to take a break. She also made it obvious that she is just getting started and is not retiring.


K-pop fans are considering a lot of things after hearing Jes’si’s statement. Some believe that the idol quit the agency so she could concentrate on herself, while others believe it was because to the recent occurrences. As the chat show’s host last week, Sunmi took Jes’si’s place.

Some attribute the departure to this. While some think Jes’si will launch her own business and pave the road for forthcoming independent musicians. With all the rumours swirling, Jebbies (Jessi’s fandom) has also urged other K-pop stans to refrain from spreading any and give the star some space. Jes’si’s latest collaboration with Kang Daniel, “Don’t Tell,” was published by KONNECT Entertainment the day after she left P Nation.

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