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Japanese Man Loses USB Stick Containing Personal Information for the Entire City

One of his (Japanese Man) bosses stated at a press conference that the man “was in control of his bag when he left the restaurant,” but he afterward “fell asleep on the street.”

After their previous night out, when authorities said he lost a USB stick carrying the personal information of up to 500,000 people, one Japanese man is reluctant to join his coworkers for after-work drinks once more.

According to Yuji Takeuchi, the president of the business’ Kansai office, the guy, who has not been named, transferred the data on Tuesday before going to a restaurant with three of his coworkers from Biprogy Inc.

Amagasaki officials stated in a statement on Thursday that the USB had the home addresses and bank account information of each and every one of the city’s 460,000 citizens.

According to them, it also revealed households that were getting government handouts.

When he left the restaurant, the man, according to Takeuchi, “was in possession of his bag,” but he later “fell asleep on the street.”

Takeuchi stated that he informed his employer that he was taking the day off six hours after waking up at three in the morning.

No reports of the bag’s disappearance were made at the time, according to Takeuchi.

He stated that the individual had informed his management about the missing USB stick that afternoon.

After-work “nomikai,” or drinking gatherings, are popular in Japanese companies and are meant to strengthen bonds amongst coworkers.

Nevertheless, they are required to arrive for work in the morning.

However, in the End, Everything Works out will for the Japanese man

Japanese man

With the aid of his cellular provider, the man was able to find his suitcase, according to Takeuchi.

The two devices’ encryption and passwords had not been altered, according to Akiyoshi Hiraoka, the CEO, and president of Tokyo-based Biprogy Inc., which has been subcontracted to oversee Amagasaki’s financial aid during the Covid pandemic.

By moving the data to portable media like USB sticks, his employee had broken business policies, he continued.

He claimed that while the business had not yet determined how to penalize the man, it would take serious steps once the facts were reviewed.

Takeuchi stated that the business will keep an eye on the dark web to ensure that the data hadn’t been exposed.

Tatsuya Tsunoda, an associate at the Tokyo law firm Nishimura & Asahi, informed NBC News by email on Friday that because the company was a subcontractor, the city’s administration might also be held accountable for failing to adequately oversee the data processing.

According to him, in the event that data is lost or damaged, “the third-party contractor shall immediately notify the instructor of such data incident and the instructor shall disclose such data incident to the Personal Information Protection Commission and shall also notify data subjects.”

A team of outside specialists will be formed to look into the occurrence and figure out how to keep it from happening again, the council stated in its statement.

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