Ten Confirmed Dead From Missing Tourist Boat

Japan: Ten Confirmed Dead From Missing Tourist Boat

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Here Is The Latest Update About Ten Confirmed Dead From Missing Tourist Boat

A tourist boat went missing off the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, killing at least ten persons, according to the Japan Coast Guard. They said the hunt for 16 others who were on board the Kazu 1 sailboat is continuing in the icy waters.

After the boat reported taking on water at 13:15 local time (04:15 GMT) on Saturday, contact was lost. The Kazu 1 is thought to have been on a three-hour sightseeing cruise around the Shiretoko Peninsula at the time of its disappearance.

The area is a UNESCO world heritage site, and boat tours are popular among visitors wanting to see whales, sea lions, and brown bears on the rocky shores. According to Japanese media, the crew managed to indicate that the ship was tipping at a 30-degree angle and sinking.

Patrol boats, as well as police and military planes, were dispatched right away to locate the vessel. The search operation included local fishing boats as well. Two of the 26 people on board were crew members and two were minors.

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Earlier reports indicated that other people were rescued from the seas, however, it is unknown whether they are among the confirmed ten victims. Local fishing boats had supposedly decided to return to port by mid-morning due to the heavy waves in the area.

When night arrives, however, temperatures in the area can drop to 0C (32F). “In order to prevent another catastrophe, we will thoroughly investigate what created this circumstance and what type of safety oversight was engaged to enable the trip,” said Tetsuo Saito, the transport minister, who visited the location Sunday.

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Ten Confirmed Dead From Missing Tourist Boat

Shiretoko Pleasure Cruise claims that its three-hour cruise provides views of the Shiretoko peninsula’s western shore as well as opportunities to observe whales, dolphins, and brown bears. The national park is a Unesco world heritage site and the southernmost location where drifting sea ice can be seen.

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The area’s average April sea temperatures are barely above freezing. The low temperature and severe wind, according to experts, make survival unlikely.

The dead were discovered in the same region near the peninsula’s tip on Sunday, roughly 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) north of where the boat sent out a distress signal. Some were rescued from the sea, while others were discovered washed up on the rocky shore.

The coast guard reported orange, square lifesaver floats with the boat’s name on them were also discovered on the rocks. The operator told the coast guard that everyone on the boat was wearing a life vest, but some of the dead were discovered without one.

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According to local fisherman and tour boat operators, Kazu 1 was the only boat in the area, and no other boat was available to assist the sinking vessel until three hours later, when the first coast guard rescuers came from elsewhere on Hokkaido.

Saturday’s excursion was the operator’s first of the season, and the disaster, which occurred just before Japan’s Golden Week holidays, which begin in late April, might depress local tourism, which had dwindled during the pandemic. Foreign travellers are still mostly barred from entering Japan.

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