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Ivana’s Divorce Settlement: How Much Did She Get?

Here is the Latest Celebrity News Today About Ivana’s Divorce Settlement: How Much Did She Get?

Ivana and Donald Trump are putting an end to their very public divorce. She receives $14 million, a 45-room residence in Greenwich, Connecticut, an apartment in the Trump Plaza, and one month of annual access to the 118-room Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida.

The settlement is similar to what Mrs. Trump agreed to in a prenuptial agreement.

Mr. Trump will also pay about $650,000 annually to support the couple’s three children under the terms of the settlement. Later, she challenged that arrangement in court.

In March of last year, Mrs. Trump and her attorneys said she was due half of Mr. Trump’s assets, which they had estimated to be worth $5 billion at the time.

However, it appears that the former billionaire never had that much to begin with and does not have it at this time.

Last year, Mr. Trump’s financial issues caused him to beg his banks to give him additional money to pay off payments as he was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Mrs. Trump prefers to accept the money immediately rather than waiting for a better deal, according to her attorneys, as her ex-husband is strapped for cash and heavily indebted. The attorneys anticipated that Mrs.

Trump would be simply one of her ex-numerous husband’s creditors if Mr. Trump was compelled to seek personal bankruptcy protection.

In Order To Pay For The Settlement With His Ex-Wife Ivana, Mr. Trump Asked His Banker For $10 Million This Week. However, The Banks Confirmed Yesterday That They Declined.


Mrs. Trump and her attorneys are nonetheless concerned, despite Mr. Trump’s assurances that he will find the funds.

Because Mr. Trump only receives a living allowance from the banks of $375,000 a month, it is still unknown where the $14 million will come from.

Early in the divorce proceedings, it was revealed that Mrs. Trump would receive $25 million in addition to the Greenwich mansion under the final of the couple’s four prenuptial agreements.

In fact, the agreement stated that if the mansion had been sold before to their divorce, she would receive $10 million in addition to an additional $12 million. It’s estimated that the mansion is worth several million dollars.

Following a hearing in which State Supreme Court Justice Phyllis Gangel-Jacob cited Mr. Trump’s cruel and inhumane treatment of Mrs. Trump as justification for granting Mrs.

Trump’s divorce request, the Trumps, who had been married for 13 years, were granted a divorce last December.

The 50-room triplex apartment in the Trump Tower where Mrs. Trump and the kids have resided since the couple’s divorced last year will go to Mr. Trump.

Yesterday, Mr. Trump lauded the divorce agreement as a “great development” that removes a potentially significant financial responsibility.

Even after the settlement, there are still many unanswered questions about Mr. Trump’s financial situation.

Prior to the settlement, banks and investors interested in buying any of the developer’s assets were concerned about this uncertainty.

Mr. Trump stated yesterday, “I’m really delighted that this is behind me and I believe it’s a really wonderful step for everyone.”

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