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ISRO Says It Plans A Venus Orbiter Mission With Launch In December 2024: Latest Updates!!!


ISRO Updates: The spacecraft might be sent to Venus in December 2024, with orbital manoeuvres planned for the following year, according to Isro. New Delhi, India: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning a voyage to the hottest planet in our solar system, Venus, and is now developing a spacecraft to orbit it.NEW DELHI, INDIA: After launching missions to the Moon and Mars, the ISRO is now preparing to launch a spacecraft into orbit above Venus to investigate what lurks beneath the surface of the solar system’s hottest planet, as well as the mysteries that lay behind the Sulfuric Acid clouds that surround it.

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Somnath, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), claimed the Venus mission has been conceptualised, a project report has been prepared, and “money has been spent.” He urged scientists to concentrate their efforts on highimpact results. In his inaugural address, Somnath stated, “Building and putting a mission on Venus is achievable for India in a very short period of time because the capability currently exists with India. “The space agency is targeting a launch date in December 2024, with orbital manoeuvres scheduled for the following year, when the earth and Venus will be sufficiently aligned that the spacecraft may be placed in Venus’ orbit with the least amount of propellant. The following identical window will open in 2031. Somnath warned against replicating tests carried out by earlier Venus missions, instead focusing on unique high-impact outcomes, such as those accomplished by Chandrayaan-I and the Mars Orbiter Mission. Surface processes and shallow subsurface stratigraphy, including active volcanic hotspots and lava flows, will be investigated, as will the structure, composition, and dynamics of the atmosphere, as well as the interaction of solar wind with the Venusian Ionosphere. “The goal is to go over the unique extra knowledge observation and make sure we aren’t replicating anything that has already been done.” It’s not a crime to repeat any of them, but bringing distinctiveness will have a worldwide influence,” he remarked. Surface processes and shallow water tests are among the scheduled experiments.


research of the structure, composition, and dynamics of the atmosphere, and exploration of solar wind interaction with the Venusian ionosphere. The high resolution synthetic aperture radar on board the spacecraft will be used to analyse the Venusian surface, which is obscured by dense clouds that make viewing the planet impossible. “No previous observations of Venus’s subsurface have been made. As a result, this will be the first time we fly the subsurface radar. In her presentation at the virtual meet, T Maria Antonita, Space Science Programme Officer, ISRO, revealed that it will probe the subsurface of Venus up to a few hundred metres. She added that the mission will deliver an experiment to Venus to study the planet’s atmosphere in infrared, ultraviolet, and submillimeter wavelengths.

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