Israel’s missile attack near Damascus, Syria


Israel’s missile attack Updates: Agency SANA confirmed the attacks. The news flashed “Enemy Israelis” did launch aerial aggression with many missiles targeting an area called Zakia, which is near Damascus, Capital of Syria. Although the news confirmed the raids but did also made clear that no casualties till now have been reported, and all material damage is there.
Although, from the other side, officials didn’t comment on it immediately.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human rights also confirmed that the target was army positions and arms depots belonging to the Iran-Backed Fighters.

This is not the first time Israel launched any aerial aggression towards Syria, last Saturday, it also targeted the Syrian Capital with quite a few Missiles, but the mission could not be accomplished as Syria’s Air defenses were intercepted.

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An earlier similar attempt has been made by Israel which caused about nine fighters allied to the Syrian government killed on the 14th of October. The attack came about after Syria’s continued allegations over Israel for carrying out attacks in the South of the Country.

What is the reason behind continued attacks?

Israel is alarmed by its enemy Iran’s growing military influence and regional influence around Syria and has made several attacks recently to destroy any military arms port that Iran establishes in Syria. The attacks made are rarely acknowledged by the same. They also do not discuss any operation of them carrying out in and around Syria.

Israel’s missile attack

Although, now it has acknowledged targeting bases, facilities linked to Iran-allied military, and Weapon convoys. Israel, however, seemed more concerned about the Powerful Lebanese Hezbollah group.

The attack made or any operation carried out by Israel generally happens during the night.

Israel’s missile attack: Who is Hezbollah?

Hezbollah is fighting on the side of Syrian President forces in the Civil war, making it all more important for the nation to keep them safe from Israel’s continued air attacks.

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