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ISIS Presence In Afghanistan: Latest Updates

On Thursday, US Central Command (Centcom) chief Gen Kenneth McKenzie expressed alarm over the Islamic State‘s (ISIS) foothold in Afghanistan. McKenzie said in an interview published on Facebook by the US Central Command – Dari/Pashto, according to Tolo News, that America is still “sorting out what is going to happen” after the Taliban took power.

We know that ISIS wants to carry out external attacks, including attacks on the United States homeland, as well as attacks on the homelands of our European neighbors… and other locations.

I  believe there is a risk. As a result, I am concerned about the situation in Afghanistan “he stated, Stanislav Zas, the Secretary-General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), has warned that the re-emergence of transnational terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS posed a threat to not only Afghanistan but the entire region, according to Tolo News.

“We give special attention to our southern borders in our efforts. Given the country’s expanding socioeconomic and humanitarian calamity, Given the country’s looming socio-economic and humanitarian calamity, as well as the terrorist threat and the dangers of drug trafficking, “It’s all getting worse,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, the Taliban Defense Ministry has disputed claims that foreign troops are present in Afghanistan “These reports are false. We guarantee everyone that the Islamic Emirate’s security forces are ready to battle terrorists.

“There are no terrorists in Afghanistan,” stated the ministry’s spokesman, Inayatullah Khwarazami. The Islamic Emirate is dedicated to eliminating links with all terrorist groups in the region, based on the Doha deal made between the Taliban and Washington on February 29th, 2020.

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isis presence in afghanistan

So, Who Exactly Are These Are Jihadists?

IS-K (Islamic State Khorasan Province) is the Islamic State’s regional affiliate. IS-K was founded in January 2015, during the height of IS’s dominance in Iraq and Syria, just before the US-led coalition fought and demolished its self-declared caliphate.

It recruits both Afghan and Pakistani jihadists, particularly Afghan Taliban defectors who do not believe their own organization is harsh enough. The historical area of Khorasan encompasses parts of modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan was initially included in the group until May 2019, when a distinct Pakistan section was established.

What Is The Size Of Is Membership? K’s

The gang had around 3,000 fighters at its peak. However, it has suffered significant casualties in clashes with both the US and Afghan security forces, and also with the Taliban. Just stay tuned for more information.

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