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Is There Someone Playing A Role Of Brutus, Among Boris Johnson Fellow Conservatives?

What Is Going On In Britain?

Boris Johnson, The Prime minister for Britain may have crossed through a certain political Rubicon in recent times, over many charges one of which is that he lied about the Downing Street parties during the pandemic. But it might be possible that someone from his fellow conservatives has agreed to play the role of Brutus and force him out of Power.

As in Britain, the political establishment is eagerly waiting for the results of the internal investigation of the parties,  one question which is arising is whether someone has put on a plot against the current serving prime minister for forcing him out of Power or what. And if something like this is happening here, who would make such a move against him has now become a million-dollar question.

If so is the case here, there are quite a lot of suspects from the ambitious chancellor of the Exchequer to the crowd-pleasing foreign secretary, Liz Truss. But the move for power and leadership could be very tricky as the old British Maxim goes like “He, who wields the knife never wears the crown”.

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Is There Someone Playing A Role Of Brutus, Among Johnson's Fellow Conservatives?

The following can actually explain the uneasy lull that has settled at Westminster last week, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson was actually forced to apologize for the social gatherings in Downing streets which again breached the lockdown restrictions.

The political experts, Johnson’s rivals, and allies are waiting for the investigation to come out as they want to see how damaging it could be how badly the conservative party has slipped in the polls and whether the actual Kingslayer will emerge out or not politically.

Who is Liz Truss?

Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss name rose since Boris put her in charge of negotiating the trade status of that between EU, that is European Union and Northern Island.

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