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Iphone Users May Be Able To Type In The Rain, Underwater, New Apple Patent Suggests!!!

Iphone Updates: Apple has received approval for a patent that says the next iPhone would have a display that will enable consumers to use the gadget in the rain. Even though the most recent iPhone models are all water-resistant, using the phone in the rain or with wet hands is difficult.

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Users may find it challenging to type or navigate between different regions of the screen due to the water droplets on the display.Wet mode is one of the things that Apple appears to be adding in order to address these problems.

According to the latest patent, the business is also working on making it possible for upcoming iPhone models to sense changes in the environment and modify their touch sensitivity.

The U.S. Invention and Trademark Office is said to have granted the Cupertino-based tech giant’s latest patent, titled “Modifying functionality of an electronic device after a wetness exposure event” (USPTO).


According to the patent, Apple intends to change the iPhone so that it may function even when exposed to “a moisture exposure event,” like rain.

According to sources, the company intends to detect water using the built-in pressure and moisture sensors and alter the software as necessary.On the event of light rain, the aforementioned software might alter the size of the on-screen buttons and move them apart in the display to lessen the likelihood of receiving inadvertent touch inputs.

 Additionally, it might make it possible for the iPhone to modify the pressure sensitivity of its display and only recognise touch inputs that are made with a specific level of force. This would prevent the iPhone from reacting to erroneous inputs that raindrops might register.

 According to the patent, the electronic device may have a moisture detector that can measure the amount of moisture present at the protective cover. If the moisture level exceeds a predetermined threshold, the processor will use the signals from the capacitance detector and the applied force detector to determine the position of the touch event. 


  Additionally, the wet, dry, and underwater modes for configuring touch responses have been described in the patent description. The wet and dry modes on the iPhone may cause the force input recognition to alter and accept touch inputs depending on whether the user’s finger is dry or wet. 

However, the underwater mode may enable the iPhone to alter its interface and make it simpler to use while submerged, per the patent description.  The camera app on the iPhone can also include “dry,” “wet,” and “underwater” modes. Depending on the modes that the users choose, the camera will be configured in various ways.

For instance, in the underwater mode, some controls will be replaced with extra-large buttons while some functions from the UI will be eliminated in the wet state. Users can use these buttons to operate the camera underwater. 

According to the patent application, it might also modify characteristics like display brightness, white balance settings, ISO sensitivity, and camera unit clarity.   In the meanwhile, users will be able to “keep it within the boundaries of the handset’s water resistance” by using the iPhone displays to see “the current depth of the device.”   

Though it should be noted that Apple receives approval for a number of patents each year, not all of them have been utilised, thus this new technology may or may not be employed in the future.

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