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Internet Explorer closed by Microsoft on June 15th, after 27 Years

After 27 years, Microsoft’s oldest browser, Internet Explorer (IE), will be retired on Wednesday. The once-dominant browser that many web users despised is now joining the ranks of BlackBerry phones and flip phones that have failed to resurrect their technological fortunes.

Since March, the firm has started issuing shutdown announcements. Microsoft is now urging people to utilize its ‘Edge browser,’ which is known for providing a faster and more secure browsing experience.

  • Highlights
  • In 2003, the browser had a 95 percent usage rate.
  • It was unable to keep its first-place finish.
  • Competitors had a better user interface and quicker internet connections.

Microsoft Has Officially Revealed that Internet Explorer, Its Oldest Brower, will be Retired.

Internet Explorer

The app will finally retire in peace after 27 years of service. It was first launched in 1995 as a Windows 95 add-on package. Later, the business began including the browser in the package for free. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent developments.

From June 15, Internet Explorer will be declared unusable. In 2003, the browser reached a peak of 95% usage, but it was unable to sustain that position, and its user base began to rapidly drop. Many new browsers joined the market, promising better user interfaces, quicker internet speeds, and smoother performance.

Internet Explorer looks to have been unable to keep up with the competition, and it has deteriorated into little more than a default browser for installing alternative browsers.

The Future of the Internet Explorer on Windows 10 Resides in Microsoft Edge, “According to Sean Lyndersay Microsoft Edge Program Manager

Internet Explorer

“Not only is Microsoft Edge a faster, safer, and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer,” he continued, “but it also solves a critical concern: compatibility with older, legacy websites and applications.”

Microsoft stopped developing new browser features in 2016, and this could be the first time the company decides to phase out Internet Explorer. After the new break, netizens were both nostalgic and insane.

Meanwhile, despite Microsoft’s success in establishing its Microsoft Edge browser, it still has a small market share. According to internet analytics firm Statcounter, the Chrome browser currently holds a 65 percent share of the global browser market, followed by Apple’s Safari with 19 percent, according to news agency AP.

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