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Interesting Elise Facts From Assassin’s Creed Unity: Latest Updates

Assassin’s Creed Unity Game Introduction:

Assassin’s Creed Unity Updates: Elise de la Serra is a character from the Assassins Creed franchise, and you may not know everything there is to know about her. Elise was the daughter of French nobility and Templar Order members Francois de la Serre and Julie de la Serre, who first appeared in Assassin’s Creed Unity. Elise grew up in a wealthy family.

She was a strong fighter and was initiated into the Templar order like her family. Elise’s father was assassinated, which crushed her heart. Following these occurrences, she teamed up with her childhood friend and lover Arno Dorian to track down her father’s killer. She was a formidable warrior and Templar.

She eventually discovered the genuine assailant of her father’s death, whom she confronted, but her adversaries wielded a Piece of Eden that was unstable and burst. Her death was caused by the explosion.

Elise Was aware Of Arno’s Family Allegiance Before Arno Was Aware Of It:

Elise’s father, Francois de la Serre, told her about Arno’s actual heritage, which was his commitment to the Assassins’ Order after Arno’s father died. After that, Francois instructed Elise to instruct Arno in the ways of the Templars. Elise and her mother, Julie de la Serre, were opposed to the notion. Julie and Elise were able to persuade Francois to postpone this idea until a later date.

Elise Was a More Skilful Swordswoman Than Arno:

Elise began her training at a young age. Frederick Weatherall, a member of the Templar Order, was her sword mentor. The de Sierre family’s most trusted confidant was Weatherall. Elise’s early training had refined her sword-fighting skills to the point that she could outclass Arno in a duel.

Other abilities of Elise were not far behind. In combat, she could use pistols. She could also make use of her surroundings, even the least detail, to track down her adversaries.

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Elise Facts From Assassin’s Creed Unity

Jennifer Scott Met Elise:

Elise met Edward Kenway’s daughter and Haytham Kenway’s half-sister. She invaded Jennifer’s estate under the guise of Yvonne Albertine in order to take the Haytham letters. Jennifer discovered Elise’s true origins and informed her that the Albertine family members were all dead.

Jennifer, on the other hand, recognized Elise’s purpose and handed her the letters. After reading the letters, Elise discovered that Haytham had a fantasy about bringing the Assassin and Templar Orders together in harmony. Jennifer gave Elise a Templar Pendant given to her by his half-brother before leaving.

Arno Was Held Responsible For Her Father’s Death By Elise:

Elise was admitted into the Templar Order after returning to De La Sierre’s estate. Her family threw a private party to celebrate her arrival and induction into the Order. She heard a ruckus and crying during the celebration. When she arrived at the scene of the ruckus, she discovered that her father had been assassinated and that Arno was to blame because he had failed to deliver the letter containing the betrayal against her father.

She despised Arno for both the failure and her father’s death. Arno visited with Elise after escaping from prison and told her that he was not the criminal, but Elise showed him the letter that he was supposed to give to Francois but failed to do so. Francois-Thomas Germain, she later discovered, was the genuine perpetrator of her father’s death.

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