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In Iphone 14 Series Upgraded 256G Accelerometer And HDR Gyroscope For Crash Detection!!!

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Iphone 14 Updates: Apple used crash tests to create sophisticated motion algorithms.

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  • The iPhone 14 can recognise loud noises when you’re driving.
  • Its barometer can detect when an airbag has been deployed.
  • For Crash Detection, Apple used 1 million hours of actual driving data.

Today I am going to write about  technology updates today: Upgraded HDR Gyroscope with 256G Accelerometer for Crash Detection on the iPhone 14 Series. Read full article to know more about this news.

The life-saving features of the new iPhone 14 series, which was introduced on Wednesday at Apple’s “Far Out” event, have been highlighted. Among these advantages are the much talked-about emergency satellite services.


Its new Crash Detection system is another such feature that has allegedly slipped people’s notice. A high dynamic range (HDR) gyroscope and a new high g-force accelerometer are also described as being included in all models of the iPho;ne 14 series. According to Apple, it analysed actual driving data and crash data from the public to ensure that this new function worked as correctly as possible.

A new high g-force accelerometer that is reportedly capable of measuring accelerations and decelerations up to 256G is reportedly included with the iPhone 14 series, This comprises the iPhone 14 (regular), iPhone 14 (plus), iP;hone 14 (pro), and iPhone 14 (pro max).

A car’s orientation can undergo “drastically changed” when the HDR gyroscope is in place.The barometer in iPhone 14 series phones is additionally programmed to recognise pressure changes that may have been brought on by airbag deployment.


According to Apple, the new iPho;ne 14 series’ microphone monitors sound levels while you’re driving in order to identify loud noises that are frequently the result of collisions.

To protect users’ privacy, the Cupertino company has assured users that the iPhone handles all sound detection processing.

Apple “built advanced motion algorithms by completing head-on, rear-end, side-impact and rollover crash tests” and “used public crash data from accidents” to guarantee that the Crash Detection feature operates accurately. In sum, this feature benefits from nearly 1 million hours of real-world driving data.

The iPhone 14 series handsets are able to identify serious auto accidents because to all of these new algorithms and device parts. The emergency services and your emergency contacts are then automatically contacted.

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