In Chicago Med, Who Does Dr. Manning End Up With?

In Chicago Med, who does Dr. Manning end up with? The Chicago franchise has cemented its place in the hearts of people all throughout the world over the long haul. The American clinical show, created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead, first aired on NBC in 2015.

The series follows the doctors and nurses at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center’s emergency department, as well as their personal and interpersonal life. Dr. Will Halstead, an attending in the emergency department, is joined by Dr. Natalie Manning. Their on-again, off-again relationships are the focus of the show. The series has six seasons, with the seventh season set to begin on September 22, 2021.

Because Will and Natalie broke up in season 4, the show’s final season continues to focus on Natalie’s relationship with Crockett, a doctor. Is Will and Natalie’s relationship finished, as all Manstead (Dr. Manning and Will Halsted) fans want to know? Will they reconcile, or will they remain estranged? And it is this topic that we will focus on in this post. The first section of the essay will discuss Chicago Med, its plot, and a summary. Following that, we’ll talk about who Dr. Manning ends up with Dr. Crockett or Dr. Will Halstead?

What Happens To Dr. Manning End?

Dr. Manning’s dating status was a mystery throughout the Chicago Med series. Natalie, who had lost her spouse, was subjected to a great deal of mental anguish during the series. She was also expecting a baby boy, Owen, and gave birth to him. Natalie and Dr. Will work together with the majority of the patients in Season 1, and as a result, they are extremely close.

In Chicago Med, Who Does Dr. Manning End Up With?

He expressed his thoughts openly to her, but she was not ready to go on, so they remained friends. In season 2, she begins a relationship with Jeff Clark, but things quickly go apart when Jeff stands up for her, humiliating her. They stayed friends after she told him they weren’t right for each other.

Natalie soon develops a friendship with Will’s brother, Jay Halstead, a detective who frequently visits the hospital when a crime is revealed. Despite the fact that Jay likes her, they remain friends. Will and Dr. Manning grew closer as the series progressed, and during the fourth season, Will and Dr. Manning became engaged, but regrettably, their relationship ended.

The couple, who came close to getting married, has fans eager for a reunion. Dr. Manning began her pursuit of Dr. Crockett in Season 5, while Will was involved with Dr. Hannah Asher. Some admirers are ecstatic about the relationship, while others are completely opposed to it.

In season 6, Natalie tries to mend her relationship with Dr. Will, which leads her to make a final decision in which she admits to Goodwill that she stole the medicine. She also asks her to rehire Will, who was dismissed for giving Natalie’s mother the pills. So, the series comes to a close with a cliffhanger.