Imran Khan Trolled Globally

Imran Khan Trolled Globally For Making A Misogynist Statement In OIC Conference..!!

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Imran Khan gets trolled.

Imran Khan Trolled Updates: In the recently concluded conference held for the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member, the prime minister for Pakistan made quite a misogynist comment on Afghan women which got him to get trolled on globally for the comment he made. Not educating girls is a culture of Afghanistan” is what Prime Minister Imran Khan stated while the conference was going on. Al Arabiya’s post reported the observers of western governments could miss the remark which Imran khan made on Afghan Girls.

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The media all over confirmed that the Prime Minister is getting trolled from home and abroad and especially from the people of Afghanistan as it is them, he is talking about. It is obvious after he made the statement out loud, that the foreign ministers of Islamic nations who represent more enlightened and evolved societies were clearly not happy with what Imran Khan said, and the statement he made was definitely unacceptable for them.

Notably, in the conference held, Pakistan wanted the world to help to lift the Afghan community from the Humanitarian crisis and misery, which they have been facing since the Taliban returned to power there. According to Human Rights Watch also, this year 2021 has been the toughest one for Afghan Women as with the return of the Taliban Government, all their rights given have been rolled back.

Imran Khan Trolled Globally


2021, Most Unfortunate For Women

2021 was termed as one unfortunate year for Women mostly, because of what happened to Afghanistan after the Taliban took over Kabul. Tolo News also reported a statement of the associate director of the Women’s rights division at the Human Rights Watch, Heather Barr where he said on Tuesday that the “Taliban” actually rolled back the access to their rights for Women.

This is something that has already tarnished the image of the Taliban Government in the international arena. The group actually started banning the use of photographs of women on storefronts and other places.

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