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Immortal Tactics: War Of The Eternals Game What We Know So Far?


Discover a Fast-Paced Roguelite Turn-Based Strategy game with a New Turn-Based System that will need you to think ahead and develop plans that will help your army win. Explore this Roguelite realm by building an army with a variety of characters and leaders. You may make more intriguing decisions and develop more innovative strategies thanks to the game’s new turn-based structure.

Phases are now implemented with each turn for each Team is employed, as opposed to the normal move & assault with units and simply alternating with each unit. You can carefully consider what you should do next with our innovative turn-based system; pick your movements wisely! Utilize your characters wisely as you learn to master various units.

Each character is distinct and different, with a wide range of options and moves available. Aside from the units in play, your Leader will direct you on your quest by offering spells and skills to make it successful. Every level and planet you explore will have a novel spin thanks to the abundance of foes and other creatures you’ll run into.

Given the variety of worlds to explore, each run and adventure will be distinct and have a lot of replayability. Along with providing a fresh experience every time, the environment also contributes to the destruction it brings about.

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immortal tactics: war of the eternals game

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The more seasoned players will still have a novel new perspective on this genre, and this game is welcoming to newbies to the genre. You’ll be able to defeat the wave of adversaries and stages if you master and comprehend your leaders and characters. To cut through the swarms of foes and guide your army to victory, each character and Leader is unique and will require their own techniques.

Simple to Understand yet Densely Strategic Customizable armies and a range of available leaders Discover a New Turn-Based Strategy System There are a lot of options for the army and the explorations. Beautiful Pixel Art.Aural Environment

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