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i am groot series

I Am Groot Series: The Following Are The Most Recent Additions!!

I Am Groot Updates: Baby Groot’s golden days as he grows up and gets into mischief among the stars are chronicled in a series of short films.

Will There Be Any Other Guardians Of The Galaxy Characters On I Am Groot?

That being stated, what other Guardians of the Galaxy characters might be featured in these storylines if I Am Groot is canon? Will we see another epic Rocket and Groot team-up, or will the title character be the only character we see in each of these shorts? Could a stronger bond between he and Nebula (Karen Gillan) blossom unexpectedly, or will the title character be the only character we see in each of these shorts? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the latter, but it would be a squandered chance.

Information About Groot’s Life Before The Guardians?

With the exception of Groot, most of the primary characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy films have a fair past. Given that the series is made up of loosely connected shorts, one of them may easily be a flashback introducing us to Groot’s native planet’s family when he was a baby. Perhaps that epic Rocket and Groot team-up I suggested is the first Rocket and Groot team-up.

What Is The Duration Of Each Episode?

I Am Groot sounded perfect for kids who don’t have the attention span that an episode of, say, The Mandalorian would require when it was first billed as a series of short experiences. How long will each episode be “short”? Could they be three or four minutes long, or perhaps ten? I’m guessing the showrunner will decide.

i am groot series


What Animation Style Will I Am Groot Have?

Groot had previously appeared on the big screen as a CGI figure in a (mostly) live-action setting, but this will not be the case in I Am Groot. However, I’m curious as to whether the series will use traditional hand-drawn animation or the increasingly prevalent computer-generated imagery (CGI). I’m more inclined to believe it will employ cel shading, as seen in fellow Disney+ original What If…, which has been praised for its ability to resemble a living comic book.

When Is The Premiere Of I Am Groot?

As previously stated, Kevin Feige confirmed late last year that Marvel Studios was working on I Am Groot, a series of short films starring everyone’s favourite plant-based humanoid. It’s easy to see why they haven’t said when it’ll be accessible on Disney+.The anticipated release dates for the Marvel films that inspired this series do, however, give us some insight.

As a festive lead-up to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is set to broadcast on Disney in December 2022.  3, scheduled for release in May 2023.  This raises the question of whether I Am Groot will be a prequel or sequel to either of these films – assuming, of course, that the show would have canonical ties to the Marvel film franchise’s overall timeline, which we don’t know about just yet.

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