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Hunt: Showdown – The Penitent Game: Latest Entertainment News!!!

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Hunt: Showdown – The Penitent Updates: In the latest entertainment news today you are going to get all the details about a game called Hunt: Showdown – The Penitent.

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This DLC includes The Penitent (Hunter), Delirium (Caldwell Rival 78), The Scourge (Nagant M1895 Officer Brawler), and False Sacrament as Legendary Hunters, Legendary Weapons, and Legendary Consumables (Regeneration Shot).

Damien Yedaiah became infatuated with suffering when the sweet touch of his whip brought about the salvation and forgiveness he had been seeking for years, much like a hound getting their first taste of fresh meat.

Damien was given a gift by the Lord himself when suffering gave him the strength to overcome his regret and destroy his memories in its cosy embrace. However, as the years went by, his scars—testimonies to his slavish devotion—grew. His body was covered in festering wounds the size of enormous mountains, burying his nerves beneath several layers of scab and scar. Eventually, his body went numb, and pain—his savior—left him.

Sweat, blood, and his discordant wailing that had kept his demons at bay had accompanied each shock of pain, but that evening his whip floated in the air for no reason.

As the whip rose and fell, ripping off skin and flesh but causing little pain other than disappointment, a candle flickered once, then twice, its light too feeble to even illuminate the wax beneath. While the demons mockingly greeted Damien, they screamed louder than ever as they danced with the flickering light to celebrate their arrival.

The promise of serenity was too alluring to resist as it was spoken over the cacophony of visuals. He entered the Louisiana AHA branch for the first time holding The Scourge, still dripping with his own blood, and was greeted by the Hunt’s shouts, which were now in unison.



Damien Yedaiah hid his past beneath his numerous scars, using suffering to put his demons to rest. However, as his body gave way and his mind disintegrated, he found solace in the blood and suffering of others.


Damien Yedaiah only knew one way to achieve peace: Pain. However, his need was too intense for his body to bear, so he created this Regeneration Shot to keep himself alive so his mind could enjoy the delicious escape of self-flagellation.


Damien Yedaiah sought the delicious embrace of misery deep within the St. Francis Seraph Church’s crypts as both solace and retribution for what he had done to his own family with this Caldwell Rival 78. But when his demons came back, he had no choice but to resurrect Delirium.


When his body rejected agony, Damien Yedaiah turned to unusual techniques to ward off his demons. In order to experience the same suffering he used to inflict upon his victims, he added barbed wires to the handle of this Nagant M1895 Officer Brawler.


Crytek’s video game Hunt: Showdown – The Penitent will be released on September 22, 2022.

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Hunt: Showdown - The Penitent
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