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Hungary PM Viktor Orban Adviser Hegedus Resigns Over ‘Pure Nazi’ Speech: Latest News Today!!!

Viktor Orban Updates: In the latest news today you are going to get all the information about a movie Hungary PM Viktor Orban adviser Hegedus resigns over ‘pure Nazi’ speech.

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After the Hungarian prime leader spoke out against becoming “peoples of mixed ethnicity,” a member of Viktor Orban’s inner circle quit.According to Hungarian media, Zsuzsa Hegedus, who has known nationalist Mr. Orban for 20 years, called the speech a “perfect Nazi text.”Holocaust survivors from the International Auschwitz Committee referred to the speech as “dumb and dangerous.”According to Mr. Orban’s spokeswoman, the words were distorted in the media.

The address was delivered on Saturday in a Romanian province with a sizable Hungarian population.In it, Mr. Orban claimed that while mating with Europeans should be allowed, doing so with non-Europeans led to a “mixed-race world.”We are open to mixing, but we don’t want to become people of mixed racial origin, he remarked.

Although Ms. Hegedus acknowledged Mr. Orban’s well-known anti-immigration beliefs, she felt his address on Saturday went too far.She stated in her resignation letter that “I don’t know how you didn’t realise that the speech you delivered is a fully Nazi rant worthy of Joseph Goebbels,” according to the Hungarian news website.

The chief of Adolf Hitler’s publicity department was Joseph Goebbels.While others have vigorously defended Mr. Orban, several Hungarians have sharply criticised his views on race. “The only race that exists on this world is homo sapiens. It is distinct and continuous “Chief Rabbi Robert Fröhlich is identified. Despite opposition MPs’ claims that Mr. Orban’s comments were “beyond the pale… unworthy of a European leader,” Mr. Orban’s Fidesz party easily trounced them in the April elections. According to government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs, the prime minister has long been outspoken on the subject of immigration and assimilation. He was attempting to quiet the growing chorus of criticism. The government’s official newspaper, Magyar Nemzet, published an article applauding Mr. Orban for standing up for nationalism against attempts to meld all nations “into a murky, unrecognisable mass.”At best, Mr. Orban comes across as confused, describing the Hungarians as “the most diversified society” but sometimes appearing to advocate for ethnic purity at other times.The resignation of Zsuzsa Hegedus is unlikely to have any more effects in Hungary.Resignations are extremely rare and party discipline is strict.The Hungarian leader appeared to mock the Nazi gas chambers during World War Two when criticising the EU’s aim to reduce gas use by 15% by saying, “The past teaches us German knowhow on it.”

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The largest Jewish organisation in Hungary denounced the speech and demanded a meeting with Mr. Orban.More than 500,000 Hungarian Jews perished in the final months of World War Two, many of them in Auschwitz. According to the International Auschwitz Committee, his remarks provided “grist to the mill for all racist and far right groups in Europe” and served as a reminder of the dark times of the persecution of Holocaust survivors. The Romanian foreign minister deemed the remarks offensive and regretted that they were made on Romanian land.Mr. Orban reiterated his positions in a letter to his longstanding advisor. He continued, “You are the finest person to understand that my administration in Hungary has a zero tolerance policy for both anti-Semitism and racism. According to his spokesman Zoltan Kovacs, the mainstream media avoided reporting the speech’s important points because they were “hyperventilating about a few difficult lines regarding immigration and assimilation.” Mr. Orban stated that a negotiated peace accord should take precedence over sustained Western support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia when speaking about the crisis there. Viktor Orban was elected to a record-breaking fourth term in office in April, but he has adopted a stance on Russia’s war that is different from that of every other EU country.He has maintained tight ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin and is the first member of the EU to publicly criticise Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Even as the rest of the EU opted to minimise its reliance on Russian gas, Hungary’s foreign minister travelled to Moscow last week to investigate ways to increase its purchases of the gas. Currently, Russia provides 80% of the gas utilised in Budapest. Despite receiving major support from the EU, the Hungarian government frequently disagrees with the EU on issues pertaining to the rule of law, such as press freedom and immigration.

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