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Huening Lea And Bahiyyih, Kia’s Talented Sister: Latest Updates!!!

Huening Lea And Bahiyyih Updates: Huening Kai is an extraordinary and accomplished star in his own right, but did you know that his sisters Lea and Bahiyyih are also well-known? Tomorrow by Together, called TXT, has a cute and lovely maknae named Huening Kai.

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Huening Kai is noted for his graceful dance skills, soothing vocals, and aggressive raps. He’s also been recognised with contributions to songs from the group’s discography. Roller Coaster, Maze In The Mirror, Sweat, Wishlist, No Rules, MOA Diary (including the Japanese version), Dear Sputnik, Sweet Dreams, Opening Sequence, and Lonely Boy were among the TXT songs he wrote and recorded.

Fun fact: He was the lead singer in a school band. It’s no surprise that he’s the first overseas K-pop idol to sign with Big Hit Entertainment. Aside from his abilities, this guy has an angelic personality. Despite the fact that he is constantly dragging his hyung’s legs, he never refuses to assist them. Perhaps this is why TXT’s supporters refer to him as TXT’s angel!

Then there’s Hening’s family history. Hyuka is the son of Nabil David Huening, a Chinese-based Brazilian-American singer and TV personality, and his ex-wife Jung Yeonju. The actress has two highly brilliant sisters who constitute the Huening Siblings, a trio that they name their own!
Huening Kai and his sisters Lea and Bahiyyih are strikingly similar in appearance. We’d be absolutely deceived if Huening Kai wore a wig and pretended to be one of his sisters! Continue reading to learn more about Huening Kai’s younger sister!


Lea is the eldest of the Huening siblings and hence Huening kai’s older sister. Lea was a member of the Via girl group until they split in 2017. She was the group’s main dancer, vocalist, and creator. She has now left her idol life and launched the LEANAVVAB YouTube channel, which has over 230K subscribers.

She covers choreographies as well as music on her channel, and she also produces fun everyday and trip vlogs! Our hearts have been stolen by Lea and Hyuka’s beautiful and adorable sibling relationship. As an elder sister, Lea has been a huge supporter of Hening Kai.

Huening Lea And Bahiyyih

She even admitted that he had his TXT bias. Furthermore, Lea has previously stated that she and Kai rarely quarrel. This is due to Huening Kai’s adorable demeanour, which you simply cannot overlook!


Huening Bahiyyih is the youngest of the Huening siblings and, as a result, Huening Kai’s younger sister. You must all recognise her as a member of the Kep1er monster rookies. She debuted as a member of Kep1er on the survival show Girls PLanet 999, where she was able to showcase her incredible dancing and singing abilities. Her abilities and visuals continue to astound us!

Huening Kai and Bahiyyih have a sibling bond that is highly relatable. When asked about her partiality in TXT, Bahiyyih stated it would be Soobin. These two, on the other hand, have consistently showed their support for one another.

Bahiiyih was comforted by her brother when she was wrongly despised by netizens because she was Huening kai’s sister. Let’s not forget about the hilarious Tiktoks they’ve made together. When Baihiyih debuted earlier in year, they undertook the ‘WADADA’ challenge with each other.
Fans screamed again as Bahiyyih and Lea joined their brother Huening Kai for the GBGB (good boy gone bad) challenge. Bahiyyih also appears to be close with the other TXT members. Yeonjun has the adorable moniker Hiyyih, which he uses to refer to his younger sister.

Not to mention that the entire TXT had learned the WADADA dance specifically for her! The Huenings have the entire K-pop business wrapped around their fingers and dancing to their beats!

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